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I  may do a time skip at the end of this chap to start the book in the right direction. Which is xiaoven ;)

Venti's Pov

As My eyes open and look up at the dark colored ceiling, I wondered what I was gonna do with my life now. I knew I needed to call the hospital about ....

yeah and then I can come home and just sleep. " paimon please play classical piano." I mumbled while getting out of my bed once I heard the magical keys of the piano playing all around my penthouse. " thanks " I mumbled while walking to the bathroom.

After a shower and doing basic hygiene. I had put on a white button up shirt and tan pants with a belt. After a pair of black boots and a dark brown bear hat I had got with Hu Tao at a festival last year.

The hat of course was to cover my untamed hair that I failed to braid and the tips were still dripping wet. " paimon what time is it?"

" it's 12:30 " when I heard the slightly annoying voice of my home system I walked to the kitchen and grabbed my car keys. " I'll be back later paimon, lock up and turn the music/ lights off " I said while leaving just before the female could say something about breakfast because I knew I'd throw up at the mention of food.

I wasn't really hungry after what happened. If I'm honest food just isn't good anymore. " bye hili " I said to the male holding the door open for me.

" goodbye Barbatos " he mumbled back as I walked out to my car and hopped in. I was surprised to not have seen any paparazzi yet considering the news.

As I pulled up to the hospital I packed my car and put on a face mask before getting out of the car and walking in.

The female at the front desk with blonde hair was humming softly to herself as she tapped her pen gently between her fingers.

I cleared my throat and the blonde who seemed to go by Barbara since it was on her name tag looked up at me in surprise before sitting up and smiling softly. " how may I help you?" She asked in a soft yet cheerful voice.

" I'm here to um... to see a patient xxxx xxxxxxx " I said while looking down at my feet as I felt the burning sensation at the corners of my eyes when I said his name.

" oh really!? Are you family? " she asked while pulling out the landline and pressing some numbers before looking at me with the phone placed to her ear.

I was now looking at her and nodding softly while biting my inner cheek as my fingers played in my pants pocket from uncomfortableness of the topic. " you could say that"

" yeah someone's here to see xxxx xxxxxxxx " she said without paying much attention to what I had said. " yeah they said they were, can I send them up?" She asked while popping a bubble she had just blown with the yellow bubble gum she was chewing on.
" alright"

She placed the phone back and looked at me before nodding. " you may go, the doctor is waiting there " she said but I had already started to walk away when I heard her say alright.

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