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Wednesday, 7:20 AM

Alicia Francesco, 26 years old, the next successor to the Francesco Group of Companies (FGC)

"Welcome back ma'am"

Hanna stated with a bright smile on their face, prompting Alicia to return the smile

"Thank you, Hanna"

Alicia gave them a little bow before walking to her office, Hanna by her side, keeping her up to date on what was going on at the companies Alicia was now holding

Hanna Ignacio, 26 years old, is the personal assistant to Alicia Francesco, the successor to the Francesco Group of Companies (FGC)

People passing by bowed to Alicia and some even greeted and welcomed her back with a grin on their faces as they walked into the building, and Alicia reciprocated their actions.

When they arrived at Alicia's top floor office, they were greeted by a hallway decorated with paintings, the Francesco family portrait, and some chairs and tables with vases, as well as a bookshelf filled with books by famous literary authors, and at the end of it, a large picture hallway of the heir herself, with the door to the right leading to her office and space in the left corner for Hanna with all of her supplies.

They went to Alicia's office, and Alicia went to her desk, where she had her computer, and turned it on to start her day. Hanna stayed for a while to organize the paperwork Alicia needed to work on for the day while also telling Alicia about their life while she was gone, Alicia began working and responding to some of Hanna's anecdotes.

"Oh, how about we give you a homecoming celebration? I mean, you've been gone for quite some time, wouldn't that be nice?"

Alicia looked up at Hanna with an uneasy expression fiddling with her pen as they placed the last file on her desk,

"You know how I dislike massive gatherings, especially when the event is about....me,"

Hanna sighed at their boss slash friend, rolling their eyes while they put their hands on top of the files looking straight at Alicia

"Alicia, you've been gone for what? 3 months? Do you believe the company doesn't miss you? Plus, while you were away, we had to cope with your obnoxious cousin, who is the worst."

Alicia laughed at their last statement, thinking how her cousin handled them all.

"And you'll get to meet my lovely girlfriend"

Hanna said, flashing their brows and a foolish smirk on their lips, while Alicia gasped and covered her mouth.

"Really?! Wow! congratulations, how long have you two been dating?"

Alicia expressed her happiness for her friend with a smile on her face. Before responding, Hanna blushed gently and had a pout on their face.

"It's been around three weeks now"

they said so proudly while swaying their body from left to right, and just love coming out of their body. While Alicia just continues to smile at them and continue to ask about her friend's girlfriend.

"You must host a homecoming celebration if you truly want to meet her."

Hanna continued their pursuit of Alicia with a homecoming party celebration. Alicia groaned as she agreed to her friend's request, thinking it would also be a good idea to give the employees a vacation from dealing with her cousin.

"All right, I'll throw a homecoming party, but it can only last three hours, and since it's Wednesday could we just do it on Saturday."

Hanna was overjoyed by Alicia's words.

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