Chapter 10

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I woke up to a wonderful feeling. I felt like I had actually gotten enough sleep! That never happens. Wait- that never happens. What time is it? I look at my clock and see that it's 10:30! Oh no! I missed the bus! Big time! I forgot to feed horses too! Oh my gosh how could I have overslept? I quickly hopped out of bed. "Ouch!" I yelped. I forgot about my ankle. I should get it looked at. Oh well, no time for that! I limped as fast as I could out of my room and downstairs. "Mom! I overslept! Help!" I yelled. "Calm down, honey. I purposely let you sleep in," Mom said. "Why?" "Because you had an exciting day yesterday, and you hurt your ankle," she replied. "Mom, has Pepper left yet?" I asked. "Not yet, but he leaves soon. He leaves at 11:00." "Can I go say goodbye?" I ask hopefully. "Yeah, actually it's about time to start gathering his stuff up. They're coming here to pick him up. But on the other hand, you did hurt your ankle, and maybe you should stay inside and lay low," Mom said. "No way! I have to say goodbye! After 3 years of me and him together, it's the least I can do!" I exclaim. Sheesh, have me not say goodbye, has my mom lost her mind! "Well, I'm taking you to the doctor later, and when I called the doctor said you should just rest. How about I bring him up to the porch, and you can say goodbye there?" Mom suggested. "Fine," I mumbled. 

I went into the living room and turned on the TV. I flipped through the channels, but there was nothing good on. So I looked through our movies, and decided to watch Spirit, Stallion of the Cimmeron. I love this movie! It's one of my faves! I put it in and get really into it. I heard a knock on the door. "Oh, that's Pepper!" I say to myslef. I pause the movie and walk up to the door, open it, and walk out onto the porch.

"Bye Pepper. I'll miss you forever, and I'll never forget you," I say, about to cry. I hug him, and he hugs me back. "I love you, be a good boy," I say finally. He nuzzled me on the cheek, and I start to cry. I wipe away the tears, and give him one last hug. "Bye," I say. Mom then lead him away, and I went back to my movie, and as I watched it, I started to cry again.


I hold on to his mane as tight as I can. He's running at top speed, faster than light. Suddenly he stops, and I fly over his head. I start crying, and he walks up to me. He wipes the tears off of my face with his muzzle, and I softly pet his forehead. Then he starts nudging my shoulder, and won't stop. Shake, shake, shake, shake.......

I wake up and there's Mom, shaking my shoulder. I realized I had only been dreaming. It was a dream about Pepper. It was sort of like what happened in the forrest, except Pepper didn't run away. I shake my head, and ask, "Did they already pick up Pepper?" "They did, and they were so excited to have him," Mom assured me. "Who was it that adopted him?" I ask. "Oh, someone with the name of Kristy. They have a barn not too far from here," she replied. "Oh," I said meekly. "It's time for your doctor appointment," Mom said. "Okay." And with that, we went into the car, and drove to the doctor's office.

Hey guys, I just wanted to thank you all for reading my book. Over 400 views!!!!! I can't believe it!!!! I'm soooo sorry that this chapter is kinda short, and it's not very good. I promise good stuff is going to come. I've also decided that there is going to be a second book after this one, not sure what I'm gonna call it, probably something boring like New Beginnings at Century Farms 2. I'll try to think of something better. But I'm not almost done with this book yet! There's still going to be more. Later guys, please keep reading my book and show others! thx xoxo

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