Chapter | 14

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Warning: If we see you romanticizing we'll choppy chop ur penises or fallopian tube, so DONT ✋⚠️

"Evaluation": Kind of like a Pre-exam or Pre-test to see how well you already know something, or how experienced you are before an actual training/education. So, you will be aware on what you really need to improve or focus on.

the next day,

Ryūji was a light sleeper, so the Husky Shifter woke up at the first few knocks on his door. Usually he doesn't like special treatment, but he appreciates how he has solitude with his own bedroom. He can be alone with his thoughts and pain.

"My Prince," says a gentle voice from the other side of the door. It turned out to be Val, the Acting Leader of the Sanctuary. "Breakfast is ready. Don't worry about training or class today, because Evaluation comes first."

Evaluation? Ryūji didn't say anything.

"It starts at around 9am so I'll come back at 8am if you aren't down with us yet," she kindly states, considering the fact that he might not be ready.

Still, Ryūji does not like special treatment. So, the Husky shifted into a naked young man who immediately got dressed. He gets down to the dining hall where only a couple of students gathered around multiple circular tables for breakfast. Looks like some even cooked for others, like a real team.

"I made sushi!" Someone who Ryūji recognized to be the redheaded Sally brings a tray to one table where Acting Leader Val was seated, "Val, since you can't use chopsticks, I can feed you~"

"Ahh, sorry. I'm allergic to seaweed, Sally."

"I know. This doesn't contain any of the 23 ingredients you're allergic to."

Ryūji slightly smiles at them, getting reminded of his home, and his childhood where he, a 5 year old has to teach his maternal father how to use chopsticks. But, his smile drains as he realizes he doesn't have a place here as he doesn't feel like socializing with anyone other than his parents, Shen, or Lei.

"My Prince, come! Come sit with us," The beautiful Val suddenly drags an uncomfortable Ryūji towards a table who has Sally and Doctor sitting on it. He was seated next to a small girl, however, holding a brown teddy bear. "It's great to have you here. Have you met the Ghost Princess? Ahh... Princess! This is the Shifter Prince Ryūji!"

The Prince looks at the little girl, around the ages of 8 or 9, who smiles at him silently. "My... name is Evangeline Schliemann. You can call me Eva, mister..."

Ryūji didn't say anything, but his eyes softened seeing such small Princess. He seems relieved that they managed to rescue this kid from the Vampire Queen who wants to kill them.

"It's so nice to have two Royals at the table now," Doctor says. "So please eat."

Suddenly, Val's eyes lit up after seeing someone in the doorway. "Seraphine, finally! Come eat, brother!"

Ryūji's emotionless eyes glazes to a young man, shirtless, and wearing Winnie the Pooh pajama bottoms walking towards them holding a bottle of what seemed to be vodka and a fresh black shirt. His long hair was in a high ponytail that looked like it went to war; his eyes dark like he didn't sleep throughout the night. Seraphine walks towards the table and upon meeting Ryūji's eyes, he scowls at him.

"Why is he on my seat?" Seraphine grumbles.

"Oh, it'd be nice if the Royals could sit together, right?" says Sally.

An excited Eva hops off her seat, and runs onto Seraphine where she hugs his hips. "Good morning, Sera! I miss you, you didn't eat breakfast yesterday! I want to sit beside you, but I really want to meet the Prince! Do I get to have him as a brother, too?"

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