Abuse,Sex,and Lies(A Mindless Behavior love story)

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Hey,my name is Lyric and i'm 15 years old.I have one of them attitudes like you don't give two fucks about the world.I used to not be like that.I used to be sweet and nice to everybody,especially these four boys named Raquan,but i called him Ray,Craig,Chresanto,and Jacob.We were all,like,best friends and then they started to hate me. I don't know why! Now I get bullied by them,mostly sexually,oh well,atleast i'm still known!

I woke up to my alarm playing Va Va Voom by Nicki Minaj,my idol.I did my hygiene routine and got dressed. I had on my black,tight shirt that said "Hater's Gon' Hate" in yellow block letters.I had my green skinny jeans on and my hair down and curly. I had on my black snapback,my black and white Nikes,and my yellow nerdy glasses.(By the way,I have china bangs!)I went downstairs and saw my sister,Analiyah,shes 21.

Analiyah: Hey sis,you ready for school?

Me:What does it look like?!

Analiyah:Hey,don't get an attitude with me, i'll make yo smart ass walk to school!!!

Me:Yeah,ok.Lets go!


I love my sister but sometimes she gets kinda irritating.Ughhh,another day in hell!

I was just walking over to my best friend,Jamie! She's just like me, thats why shes my best friend!Anyways,as I was walking to her,I encountered the wanna be king,Chresanto!The other boys were following behind him.

Chresanto:Hey babe,so when you gon' let me hit that?

Craig:Yeah cuz that ass ain't gettin' any smaller

Me:Uh,let me think about it,NEVER IN YOUR FUCKING LIFETIME!!!

Jacob:*slap*Who tha fuck do you think you are?!!!

Me:Umm me....... Who else?!

Ray:I think its time for you to lear n a lesson!

Other boys:Yeah

So Craig and Ray picked me up as i struggled to get free and brang me to the back of the school.The boys followed.Oh shit!!!Craig pinned me against the wall and gently kissed my neck. Shit!! He knows me to well,he knows that I go insane when he does that.I moaned as he started to lift my shirt,(the rest of the boys were laughing),he started rubbing himself against me,which turned me on. I

moaned"Stop", but he didn't listen. I quickly snapped out of it and yelled "Stop",then pushed him off of me. He just angrily stared at me for like two minutes,then slowly smirked at me and said"See ya in 4th period. He gently kissed me on the cheek and walked off while the other boys looked at me and laughed,then followed Craig.

Ughhh..... Wanna know why they do this to me?Honestly, I dont know but ill tell you what happened from the beggining,but first I gotta get home and sleep for the rest of the day.

Wow!!! Craig must be thirsty?!.... Lol.... Well,this is my first story so,yeah please leave comments and tips to make my story better. And i need three more friends for me.... so if you wanna be in my story, tell me what you want your name to be and what you want to look like... also if ypur a girly girl,a girly girl and a tomboy,or just a tomboy.... Thanks!!!

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