Chapter 5: Mirror Mirror on the Wall

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Liam went upstairs to his room then threw his jacket on the bed. His clothes were damp from the little amount of rain that fell onto him.

His mother was making dinner and his father was fixing up his office inside a small room that was down stairs. Timmy was in the living room in a play pin with his toys.

Liam laid onto his bed. The thought of Scarlett made him smile.

The notepad! He thought. What was she drawing?

Quickly grabbing his notepad, he began to open it but he quickly shut it when there was a knock at his door. He shoved the notepad under his pillow not wanting his parents to see it.

His father opened the door then went back out. He came back in with a mirror. It looked new and the black polished wood around it shined. It was oval shaped and really long. It was wide but not very much.

"Where do you want it to be hung?" His father asked.

Liam looked around the room. "Next to that wall, with the planets." He said pointing to the wall.

"Wow." His dad said when he took out a nail to put into the wall. "There's already a nail here? It's like someone knew we was going to hang it here." He said with a small laugh.

"It's nice." Liam admitted as he watch his dad place the back of it gently against the nail. "Where did you get it?"

"Oh it was under that wrapping downstairs. There was a desk too. I was going to bring the desk but it's too big." Nelson said.

Liam had his mouth wide open. "You opened it. But dad you saw that note!"

Nelson shook his head. "Don't be paranoid. The person who sold us this place said it was probably just a prank from a bunch of teenagers."

Liam looked at it. He walked closer to the mirror, now staring at his  reflection. Even though the mirror looked new it smelled like dirt. It was a weird smell. An odd smell. An old smell. Liam couldn't really describe it.

"After dinner get your uniform and clothes ready for tomorrow. Your bus will be here around 7:15 am. I have a schedule from the school for you in my room. I'll give it to you after dinner." Nelson said.

"Boys!" Liam's mom yelled from downstairs.

Nelson put his hand on his stomach. "Boy oh boy, am I starving. Come on, sport." His dad said leaving the room.

Forgetting about the notepad Liam started to leave his room. He heard  a click sound. He looked at the air conditioner, then around his room. He turned off the lights and closed the door behind him, Liam went down stairs for dinner.

They were having dinner in the dinning room on a long brown table. Nelson sat at the far end while Liam's mother sat close to him. Timmy was sitting in a tall chair that had a small eating tray attached to it. Timmy wasn't eating as Abagail fed him, he kind of just let the food fall out of his mouth and back on to the spoon.

Liam sat across from his mother. He was almost done eating his spaghetti. He loved it, it was his favorite food. His dad had to tell him to slow down a couple times and his mom complained that he was a messy eater.

"So did you get the the name of our street?" His father asked patting his mouth with a napkin.

"Yeah, 127 Grand Ave." He said with a mouth full of spaghetti.

"Good." His father said then took a sip of water from his glass cup.

"I think I made a friend? She's the girl that bumped into me. The one I told you about dad? I think she might live around here" Liam said.

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