Training and fighting

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~No Ones POV~

-Elena sighed and her vents blew loudly as she sat on the mat of the training room . Today she was training with G1 Jazz and Movie Ironhide .-

Elena :"Primus! Guys,that was great and i'm done for the day ! "-She pants out while feeling her door wings fluttering to try and cool off her systems.-

-G1 Jazz with Movie Ironhide laughed gently at the young femme's statement and nodded with her.Elena had been training with the two autobots too make sure she could protect her self from rouge cons or any humans after her .So everyday she trained with them and began to learn how to be a leader like her uncles so when time came she could lead on for the autobots. Elena loved her new life as an autobot and barely missed her pass as a human.-

G1 Jazz:" Alright lovely time to hit the shower!" -He said with a big bright smile and helped the young femme up then boom ! A gun went off and you heard roars of mechs rushing in.-

-All three of the bots had fell back and then quickly got up to see cons racing through the base . Elena gasp seeing them and quickly race to find her Father to stop this nonsense but as she was racing out all she was hearing was gun shots ringing out them both Bot and Cons shoots was being fired . Her speed was the fastest she had ever ran and as she could see her fathers fighting her fathers . Elena was determined as can be to stop this war .-

Elena:"Dad! Sto-Ahhhhh!!"-As she began calling out her fathers and uncles she was shot by Tfp Starscream in her tanks and knelt down in pain.-

Tfp Starscream:"Well if it isn't the princess Blackstar! Now I have you where I got you!" -He was laughing at the poor leaking femme under him but then elena used all her might and strength to quickly turn and push his gun away. -

Elena:"you will never push me down !"-she quickly grabbed her dagger out her subspace and stab his tanks and fell to the ground and pass out .-

-As she pass out the terror twins had been watching and race to their love.Sideswipe quickly picked up Elena and rush and sent a com to one of the Optimus(s) and Megatrons that force all the battles to stop and stare at the young femme in sadness and the medis rushing over. This was the darkest moment for all the young femme they all want so dearly was so wounded that she may die. This broke the the sparks of all the warlords as they began to fall on their knee caps to see the only true femme they loved on her death bed and was being rushed to med bay due to there stupid war.-

<2 days later>

-It was two days since Elena had been wounded and had been saved but was now in a coma due to how much energon she had lost. Much had manged to change in those two days such as the ending of the great wars and they began conpounding the bases together.Many cons had left and became rouges against the ,new named one unit, Autocons .Sides and Sunny sat recharing next to the now resting Elena.Slowly G1 Megatron entered and gently held his daughter close to his spark .-

G1 megatron:"I'm so sorry my little femme ! I should have stopped this earlier ......"-He began to cry as he held elena close to his spark but little did he know Elena woke up to hear him say sorry .-

Elena:"it's ok pops."-She said softly with soft smile and giggled as she made the warlord jump and smile big.-

-So quickly G1 Megatron got one of the medics to check over her while getting everyone in to see her . At this time was the best time there ever was for all Autocons at this time . Quickly time passed on in this new found peace came to a great new era for earth and other cybertrons . Soon many other bots and cons came and joined their cause which started a government in the free land that was led by Optimus Prime just like on cybertron.Elena and The terror twins became bonded and had 6 sweet childern that were named (from oldest to youngest) Speedracer,twins:darkknight and nightstar,Suddenstreaker,Sunspot and Auroalights.-

 Hey Readers !!This is the end of this story but don't worry there will be a squeal for you all out there for my loyal readers !So with that it is named "life of being the only femme!" Which is about the life of AuroaLights and how she lives with a crazy family and 5 older brothers ,two protective dads and one always working mom. ~ Ironrose/Ella prime

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