Part 4

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"Now, I expect that both of you girls will be on your best behavior," Stepdad says "because tonight there will be a few special guests. Including the Kind of Landrody, our neighboring state, and his son, the prince. If one of you girls," he turns his gaze directly to Lousieta, "could catch his heart, we would be one of the wealthiest families in the land. Plus we could move away from that old stingy little cabin we live in now."

I had been looking out the window earlier, but as soon as he said that I turned my gaze to mom. She looks slightly offended by his comment. He has a bad habit of offending her, but she never speaks up about it.

"I actually like-" I begin to say but Lousieta interrupts me.

"Oh golly! How I'd love to go to someplace more central in the town! Maybe we could live in a castle!" She starts on another one of her rambles so i tune her out the rest of the way. 

I watch the trees pass by outside and wonder why this evil man had to choose to marry my mom. Why?

The carriage finally arrives at the place about thirty minutes later. Lousieta talked the whole way. I did'nt realize that we were going to a place so nice... but then we pass the large ballroom and pass through silver gates.

"Oh dear it's so splendid! I can't believe were actually going-" i inturept my sister. "Are we going to the castle?"

"Why yes my dear. Only the best for my girls." Stepdad says with his cruel grin. Why so nice all of a sudden?

We pull up to the red carpet and a nice young man opens the door and sticks his hand out towards me. I get out of the wagon and shake it. I hear giggles behind me and i turn around and glare at Lousieta. "You're supposed to let him help you out!" she says. I blush and apologize.

Once inside I take a moment to look around. This is the grand hallway, and the walls are lined with portraits of past royal families, armour suits, statues, and thousands of tiny little candles. The ceilings are high and there are two large amazing crystal chandeliers hanging down. The place is filled with ladies in beautiful dresses and men in tuxedos. Waiters are walking around with plates of appetizers, and some are pushing little carts with cakes or some sort of cooked bird on it.

"Now girls feel free to wander around for a bit, but please stay together. You can find us at our table when its time for dinner." Stepdad says, and he says something else but i dont get to hear it because some couple pushes in between us.

"I'm going to the ballroom, you can do whatever, I don't really care." Lousieta says to me and then disappears in the crowd. I turn around but mom and stepdad are all ready gone. I shrug and head down the hallway towards the ballroom.

I can't help but gasp when I get to the grand ballroom. It's so beautiful. The couples dancing make a swirl of beautiful colors, and there are giant crystal chandeliers strung with little rubies and sapphires. The walls seem to be made of gold, and there is a giant mural on all the walls that seems to be pure gold. It too is inlaid with diamonds and emeralds and rubies. There is a large buffet with elegant looking foods to the right, and there are even little fountains of cheese and chocolate. To the left there is a large orchestra, and a royal throne and balcony. I don't think i have ever seen a room this big in my life.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" A deep voice says next to me. I slightly jump and turn to see a boy about my height standing next to me, wearing a completely white tuxedo. He is the only one here wearing all white.

"Goodness. I'm sorry I didn't see you there." I say to him. He is actually kind of handsome. He has light blonde hair combed messily to the side. But it's a perfect kind of messy. and he has beautiful brown eyes. "I'm Angelina." I reach out my hand for him to shake.

"Angelina of?" He asks and just looks at my hand.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Well where are you from?" he asks irritatedly. Thats when I decide I don't like this boy anymore. I take back my hand.

"Well wouldn't you like to know?" I say to him and turn my back to him and walk off. I glance back at him just to see how he reacted. He's right behind me. 

"Yes. Yes I would like to know. And I am Nathaniel DeGrande of Landrody. But you may call me Nathan." He says with a wink. then he grabs my hand which was at my side and shakes it.

"Okay then... Nathan. I'm sorry but I don't really want to be here. So I think I'm going to go find a table and eat as much of that food over there as I can before I leave." I shake his hand off mine and turn back towards the food table.

He grabs my arm. "Wait. Please don't go." 

"Why?" I don't even turn around.

"Because! You are the first girl that has ever treated me like a normal boy! I'm enjoying this!" 

I turn towards him. "Please. Can't you go enjoy yourself with some other girl?"

For some reason that makes him smile. No matter how annoying this boy is, his smile sure is cute. "You don't know who I am do you?" 

"You are Nathan DeGrando or something like that. You just  told me..." he is so stupid... but he smiles bigger for some reason.

"Exactly. Yes. I'm just Nathan." he pauses for a moment in vanity of how his name sounds. "Now why don't you go find a table, and I'll bring you something to eat." he insists.

I sit down but lose sight of him. I wait for a few minutes and look around the place. I spot a balcony with stairs leading up to it, and no ones on it right now. Well he probably ditched me anyways. I think and head over towards the stairs. From the center of the balcony I can see the entire ballroom. It really is enormous. I look at all the people and try to find my sister.

Then I spot him. He's easy to pick out in his all white tuxedo. Behind him are two waiters pushing carts of food. I can't help but smile. He gets to where I was sitting and looks around and flails his arms in the air. But he finally turns my way and I wave.

Two minutes later four waiters have carried the carts and a table and chairs up the stairs for us.

"Wow they have really nice service here," I exclaim and examine the cake with delicate little flowers covering the whole thing.

"Yes they do indeed." Nathan says with a little smirk. 

We both are quiet for a while as we eat. Then he slams his hand on the table, and makes me jump. "There's something I'd like to show you!" He grabs my wrist and I drop the roll I was just picking up. 

"Okay..." I say unamused. He is annoying again. Nathan pulls me down the stairs and through all the people to a less crowded hallway, then to another fancy room, and up a flight of stairs, another hallway and three more stairs. Now I would have no way of finding my way back without him. Dammit. 

He opens one last door and a gust of fresh air hits me. We're on the roof. Myriad stars twinkle in the sky. "It's beautiful, isn't it?" he says for the second time that night.

"It is..." I say. He leads me over to a little patio with a few plants and a bench. We spend the next few hours sitting there, watching the stars and talking a bit. It turns out that he's actually not that bad.

After some time we hear the royal trumpets begin to play, so he leads me back to the grand ballroom. "Well it was nice meeting you, Nathan, but I need to find my family now." I say to him.

"As do I, my fine lady." He takes my hand in his and plants a small kiss on it. I feel myself blush. "I hope to see you soon, at the next party I hope. Oh sorry I said I hope too many times didn't I?" he seems a bit flustered now. 

"Oh don't worry, I don't care." I say with a smile.

"Oh and your last name is? I need to be sure you are on the guest list for next time." He winks.

"Angelina Reddenson."

For a second his face stiffens. "Reddenson you say?" he sounds slightly scared. But then his smile returns "What a beautiful name." He bows and then walks off. I can't help but wonder what would make him fear the name Reddenson. But I don't have time to wonder because my sister crashes into me.

"I HAVE GREAT NEWS!" She practicaly yells in my ear.

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