Chapter 13

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I stared at leighanna. I was shocked. "what are you waiting for? Help me move the bodies!" Leighanna whispered. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs."Quick someones coming." I whispered. Shannon came downstairs. "What the hell?" Shannon screamed. "Sh! be quiet!" leighanna whispered. I tried explaining to shanon that it was an accident. "I saw i stairway to the top of the fence, we can throw them off that. follow me." Shannon whispered. I looked at Leighanna. wew were both think the same thing. "She took it pretty well." I said. We dragged the bodies and the heads out the back and followed Shannon up the stairs. We then through them off the side and the zombies ran too them. "Wait, Francesca is on patrol, she will find the bodies." Leighanna pointed out. We all looked at eachover and started heading back into the house. I looked down and the was a lit staircase going down. There was a sign outside.


High Voltage

Do Not Enter!


I looked at Leighanna and Shannon and they both said that we should go and see what was down there. the stairs were about 20 meters down. When we reached the bottom there was some sort of generator. "I've seen one of these before. I think its a nuclear reactor. We need to get out of here its heating up and its gonna blow." Shannon said. We ran upstairs to the house "How long have we got left before it blows?" Leighanna asked. "Not long, not long at all. maybe two days. We have to warn the others." Shannon replied. We all went to sleep and tried to pretend that nothing happened over night untill the morning.

I gathered everyone up including Kian and Georgia. "Look the nuclear reactor is over heating and we need to get the hell out of here before it blows. Don't take this the wrong way, but we have to leave the weak ones behind. Like that elderly couple across the street." I demanded. "No I'm not leaving this place!" Kian shouted. "You have to, Kian!" Leighanna shouted back. Every body else agreed. "Fine ill come." Kian replied. "Good." I also replied. There were five trucks out the back that Kian lead us too. "Fill four of these with food drinks and useful supplies, The other one that is left, we can all get in it." Kian said "Kian, Georgia, Sinead and Peck can drive." Leighanna said. "Can i just ask, where are Ryan and Caitlyn?" Sinead pointed out. We all just acted like we didn't know. "Guys I'm sorry that i didn't tell you earlier, But i saw two of those creatures that looked exactly like them around the corner,. they were laying there was no heads. I'm really sorry." Francesca pointed out. Everyone went quiet. I told everyone to get to work with the trucks and they obeyed

The petrol tanks were full and the trailers were full, they only thing left to do was leave. Everyone got into the back of the truck and the drivers got into the front. Everyone follow Sinead. I sat with sinead in here truck and we drove for many hours. Boom! The trucks stopped and we hear the village blow. we looked out of the window and we saw an explosion in the distance. "R.I.P." I said.

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