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When Natalie was 18 she had the most unexpected change in her life. Something that had her fighting harder and harder everyday. Or more like... Someone.

When her daughter was born she was still a kid. She was ought to grow up a little sooner than all her friends. But she never regretted having a child. Never. She only regretted getting married. And the only reason she got married was because "it was the right thing to do after getting pregnant". That's what Isaac's family was saying.

And that's what happened.

And for some reason, Natalie always knew she made a mistake back then. She knew it but she decided to ignore her feeling. She ignored it because she was in love with him. Isaac was her first love. And for several years her only.

And with the way things turned out, she kept wondering if that was it for her.

All those thoughts were running in her mind as she looked at Isaac in front of her. The lawyers were talking. Agreeing about splitting the properties. And Natalie couldn't care less. She only wanted the house in Seattle, which was hers anyway.

She obviously had a good salary for being a surgeon. But she always tried to save some money over the years. And she found the right moment to use them.

And even though she had started fresh, new town, new job, new house. She didn't feel like it was over. Even though she had gotten herself a date. With the most unexpected person. She knew that it was not going to happen. Somehow along the line, she just knew that Mark wouldn't be able to stop his old habits. Not for her, which he knew so little.

"Natalie?" Isaac's voice brought her back to reality. "The house in San Francisco?"

"I don't want it." Natalie shook her head. "You can keep it, since it is a familiar place to you to bring your girlfriends." She couldn't help herself. The hurt was too much sometimes and she needed to snap.

"And we agreed that Amber will stay with Dr. Turner." Her lawyer said. "And Mr. Harris will be free to see her. And the two parents will split the holidays equally, correct?"

Natalie nodded her head and turned to look at Isaac who kept his eyes away from her. She expected a small yes. She expected anything. "Isaac?" She spoke to him and he finally looked at her. The only thing they had agreed on was that they were not going to hurt Amber more than they were already doing. 

"Yes, that's correct." Isaac hesitated. And Natalie was worried for a second. She was worried that Amber would be taken away from her. 

"Okay, the only thing left is to sign." Natalie's lawyer said and gave the papers to Natalie so sign first. Natalie took the pen in her hand. For a second she had forgotten what it was like to write. Everything felt a little to unreal. That wasn't what she thought her life would turn into. It wasn't like that at all. 

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