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Sherlock joined the chatroom 

Molly. H joined the chatroom 

Sherlock- Oh... hello Molly. I didn't realise you were here.

Molly. H- I was actually hoping I would bump into you. I tried texting you but it didn't go through. I have found that the bruises worsened on the body after a few days. 

Sherlock- Great thank... you Molly. 

Molly. H- It is my pleasure. If there is anything else you need from me, be sure to tell me.

Sherlock- Right... Well ok. By the way before you go, just going to say, I didn't mean to be drunk or fall on you, I went with John on his stag do. So yes....

Molly. H- It is no problem. I um... have to go. Remember you can talk to me. 

Molly. H left the chatroom 

Sherlock left the chatroom 


Ooooh.... The shame! #Sherlolly shippers XP 

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