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Sid: Parth....
Parth: Yes Sir.
Sid: I want all the allowances the ceo's proposed yesterday in my cabin right now.
Parth: I will be there in two sir but would you be able to cross check them in a few minutes?
Sid:Why will I check them in a haste, I have whole two hours before the next meeting.
Parth: Sorry Sir that's the old schedule, there's a slight change now.
Sid (confused) : I remember I was supposed to be free for these two hours according to the one you mailed me in the morning.

I said checking my lined up meetings and saw everything cleared.

Parth (scared) : My fault Sir, I was not in the right state of mind in the morning so it just skipped ny mind and now when I saw Mr. Raichand I remembered the one I mailed you in the morning is actually your meetings that are lined up together.

I looked at him for a moment when I actually noticed him off today, he was not his own self.

Sid: It's alright parth, insaan ho galti ho jaati hai relax.

Parth (amused) : You are not going to fire me?

Sid(laughed) : What do you think I'm? A demon or something of that kind? Or a sadist type of a person?

Parth (immediately): What! no I don't think like this Sir.

Sid: Why will I fire you then? Just because you have always seen me serious about my work doesn't mean I never did mistakes. When I have learnt from them, why can't I expect others to learn from their own mistakes then, and about me being strict, yes I'm because managing all these branches makes you physically drained and the end product is stress and anger but that doesn't makes me a devil or something of that sort.

Parth: Ashu Sir were so right, you are actually not what you show from outside.
Always stay the way you are Sir, I am really liking this side of yours.

Sid (smiled) : Everything Ready for the presentation right?

Parth: Yes Sir, I have already seen it.
Sid: Great, you can leave and take rest

Parth: But Sir, who will write your notes.

Sid: I can very well do them myself, in case you forget I started everything alone so I will manage and you should have a sane state of mind before actually concentrating on work, because one mistake can be spared but not more. And haan if you need to share something I am all ears.

I was thinking what was wrong with Parth because I have seen him getting lost alot nowadays while stepping inside my cabin, usually it's all normal but today I was feeling a jittery feeling inside me, what was happening. I ignored it thinking maybe I was just overthinking and opened the door when something or rather someone fell directly in my arms. I couldn't even react of what happened all of a sudden but that touch it really did wonders to my soul. For once I wasn't thinking of where I was? Who I was? All I wanted to know was who she was and what was she doing here?
It was so wrong I knew but it felt so so right..
Before I could ask something she stood and went away speaking sorry.

God! What just happened with me? Was I actually staring someone in my arms and praising her, this is so not me.... Yes I have pretty share of affairs in my early 27 years of life actually before I met Aadia who changed me completely but never in those affairs I was attracted to someone by just a glimpse.
What the fuck is wrong with me? In these three days I have found myself getting mesmerized with three different persons, what will they think of me as?

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