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【posted on 08/08/2021】

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After a week of going into the office, I feel more tired than usual. This all happened because bitchy Jenna volunteered on my behalf to be an intern mentor. I don't know what she thought would come of this because it just puts me higher up in Mae's good books. Jenna has kind of despised me since I managed to secure internationally acclaimed fantasy writer Clementine Carter as a notch on our roster.

Don't get me wrong, I find Daisy the intern pleasant and all, but I've become such a homebody over the past ten months, so being dragged out into the real world to train and guide an intern is not my idea of a great time.

I'm feeling a lot better about the Daxton shit though. Ashton has made sure of that. After our lunch on Monday, he visited me every second day this week either for lunch or to make fun of Calum's drum skills over at his place in the evenings. Nachos were involved too because, I mean, who doesn't like nachos.

"Are you coming with to Calum's?"

I break from my notebook. Yep, the abandoned notebook adorned with Ashton and Michael sketches.

I look at Cat standing in my doorway with a cute long-sleeved bohemian dress. She has been putting a lot of effort into her appearance recently and I can't figure out why. If she has a new crush, I swear she would've told me. I think.

"What's happening at Calum's?" I frown at her.

Did this bitch not invite me to whatever-the-heck at his house, but he invited my best friend?

"I thought you said he was having a party or gathering or hangout or whatever Ashton described it as yesterday?" Cat queries.

Oh, that's right. Okay, maybe Cal isn't a bitch... always.

"Oh, right. I kind of forgot about that," I sigh, looking down at my pajamas with sadness. I'm so comfortable and happy in them.

The thought of having to get dressed and leave the house instantly exhausts me more. But it's the guys.

"Well, hurry up, slowpoke. We have to leave in fifteen minutes," Cat crosses her arms across her chest.

"Calm down. It's a whatever-the-fuck at Calum's house, not some formal dinner with the queen of Genovia," I roll my eyes and walk over to my closet.

"Did you just Princess Diaries me?" she asks.

"You know it," I leaf through a few items hung up in my closet, "What's got you so on edge anyway? You're acting like you've never hung out with the guys before."

I settle on a graphic loose tank top and my high-waisted white-washed denims.

"Wh-what? I'm not acting weird," Cat goes rigid.

"I didn't say you were," I eye her skeptically.

"Just hurry please, Liv. You know I get weird about punctuality," she sighs and leaves before I can question her further.

I get changed and brush a few pesky knots from my hair, pouting at the non-compliant locks of blonde waves doing the bare minimum for me right now.

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