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Cabin 5 {Chapter 3}

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-=-=- CHAPTER 3 -=-=-

I managed to regain my seriousness after a five-minute fit of giggles. Daysi stood up from the bed, where she had fallen, clutching her stomach as she laughed.

"Where are you going?" I asked, now craving company.

"I really wish we could stay, but General Labo called a meeting and it sounds urgent." She said sincerely. I was about to say goodbye, when I recognized the name she said.


My uncle's name.

"Labo is my uncle's name!" I exclaimed. Esther and Daysi looked at each other with worry in their eyes.

"We better go." Esther said with a slight wave.

"No wait!"


Too late. They disappeared. Is my uncle a vampire? Well maybe he's not my uncle and he is a vampire... Maybe he's in disguise! He could be some random guy forced to take on the character of my uncle, who by the way I'd never met before the day I went to Labo's house. If it was really him. I had to introduce myself, so...

A thousand thoughts ran through my head all at once. I stuffed my head under a pillow and sighed wearily. I have nothing to do, and nobody to talk to... I gloomily sat up and gazed out the window. It faced away from all of the other cabins that I supposed were somewhere out there, out of my view. The sun was setting over the vast field lined with calm meadows and swaying trees. It was so calming...

I glanced at the clock. 7:47 PM.

No matter how hard I tried to stop them, my thoughts kept drifting back to vampires.

Did I really expect to befriend vampires? They looked maybe two years older than I am, seventeen, but I found myself wondering how old they really were. Eighty? 150? I stopped myself.

'It doesn't matter. Even if they acted friendly toward me, I'm nothing but a human in a camp full of vampires.' I thought sadly.


Suddenly a guy who looked about twenty-one appeared in the room. Since his hair was jet black and his eyes were silver, I knew he was a vampire from the moment I saw him. He was really tall, about six feet if not more. In his hands he had a brown wooden clipboard, which his eyes were completely focused on.

He didn't seem to notice me, which was weird since he should be able to smell that I'm a human. I mean, everyone else obviously did!

I didn't mind him not noticing me. I mean, if he noticed me, he would probably just teleport away and leave me alone. I just looked at him, a smile creeping up on my face. He looked so familiar, but I think I would remember seeing someone as breathtaking as him. Whoa, breathtaking? Seriously, why am I thinking like this? It's just because I'm tired...


"Okay, vamps of Cabin thirteen, listen up!" I knew it. He was in the wrong place. "Lights out, we have animal training tomorrow at five. I want you in bed by 8:00PM, got it?" He said.

He probably would've kept talking if he hadn't glanced up at me and seen my orange-brown curly long hair and deep brown eyes. His gorgeous eyes widened- WAIT... Did I just call him gorgeous? A VAMPIRE?!

"Hi." I said quietly.

He slowly backed away and panicked. "You... You're human? This isn't right..." He started to pace, but then he just stood there, looking like he was about to teleport away.

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