Chapter 13

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Ken only called twice after that, but I missed it and I didn't bother to call back. I have been crying my eyes out in my room. It was 11pm and I couldn't sleep. So I cried some more because the memory of what happened today haunted me no rest. Finally it was 12am and I cried myself to sleep.

I woke up to texts from Ken.
"I can explain please babe. I'll explain on the ride to school."
"Wake up my princess"
"Kris I'm waiting in front of your house"
I nearly smiled but the ghost of last night lingers in the corner of my brain and I couldn't care less. I was mad. And I was hurt. I wanted to give up on us. I ignored the texts.
I was showered and dressed. I opened the door and saw Ken still waiting like in his texts. I walked away to my car when Ken honked at me. I nearly cursed but I continued to walk anyway. I just wanted to get out of his presence. Ken got out of the car and ran after me. He caught up and yanked my elbow, turning me to face him.
"Kris, please let me explain." He said, his eyes soften and pleading.
I ignored him and tried to snatch my arm from him but his grip was so firmed. I decided to give him a chance to explain. Maybe his explanations would make things better.
"Start from that night Katy told you something and you cried." I said, stop struggling. His grip soften as well as his eyes. He sighed.
"You know Katy only has her mom, her dad died before she's was even born. And her mother is a drunk. She doesn't care for Katy. She didn't even know that Katy is pregnant because she rarely comes to her house until a few days ago. She came in, conscious not drunk. She noticed Katy's pregnant. She acted all motherly over Katy. She even tried to call the police for who responsible. Katy didn't want to tell her mom who the real father of her child is so she lied." Ken paused then continued. "She said I was the father because her mom knew me. She wanted me to help. She said she still love me. That me and her could go back. But I told her we cant. I don't love her anymore, Kris. I love you. She wanted to move in with me. I couldn't say no to her, Kris. Even though I don't love her anymore. But she is struggling. And I couldn't stand back and watch. But I dont want you to misunderstand." He took my hand and continued "And last night, she just moved in with me. There was nothing going on between me and her. We can't go back. Its all over between me and her. All that matters now is you, Kris." I tried to think. I wanted to forgive him, that I understood. But I still felt so hurt.
"What about your mom? I heard her yesterday. I didn't mean to eavesdropped but I wanted to see you..." I said. I wanted to clear all the doubts so I could think clearly.
"It's nothing, Kris." He said, his eyes were closed.
"No. There's something. Ken, you can tell me." I said.
"The school called my mom and told her that my grades dropped." Ken said.
"And? She thinks I'm the reason?"
"It's okay, Kris. I can fix this."
"No. She thinks I'm a distraction. I made you like this. I drag you down" I was the bad guy. And I thought of my mom's words, maybe this wasn't right. Maybe this wouldn't do us any good. I couldn't be the bad guy. I couldn't drag him down with me. He was way too good for me. Maybe we should stop.
"Please, Kris. It's nothing like that. Give me some time." Ken said, like he knew what I was gonna say. I nodded. I love him so much. I couldnt let this go, maybe we could make this work somehow. It's not gonna be easy, right? But maybe it will be worse all the hard work. He leaned down and planted a kiss on my lips. He led me to the car and we drove to school. I hope we could figure it out.
___________________________________Hey guys. I planned to make this story 20 chapters or so include epilogue, and I planned on making more dramas scene. I LOVE WRITING DRAMA. And I hope you continue to support this story. And feel free to comment your thoughts in the comment section. :)))
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