Chapter 49

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Next day 11:08am

"Come on, read," I said holding up the flash card, "my name is Angelina Azula Bakugwo," she giggled excitedly making me smile, "baby it's Bakugo," Katuski said walking out of the bathroom

"Say Ba-ku-go," I said pointing to the different letters, "Baku...go?" She asked and I nodded, "very good baby," I chuckled

Since Angel started talking I've been the one teaching her to speak English and in her spare time Spanish but that's mainly for Sero

"And how old are you?" I asked moving to another card, "six months and some change," she smiled as my mouth dropped, "you're six and a half months who taught you that?" I asked and she pointed to Katuski

"What? Why the hell they need to know the months for?" He said rubbing the back of his head after I slapped him, "well that makes sense, dab me up pimp," I said as he dabbed me up reluctantly

"Okay your name in Japanese if you remember," I said holding up the other card. "Watashi no..." she stared at it and looked up to me sadly, her lip quivering, "it's okay to not know, you're not perfect and I don't want you to be," I said taking her up.

I laid back and stoked her back as she sniffled, "we'll take a break for a little bit," Katuski said helping her out of her onesie, leaving her in the diaper

"I'm sorry mama," she quietly cried, breaking my heart, "no tears mi amor, you're a strong girl," I said kissing her cheek, "I love you," I whispered and she giggled kissing me back

"Mama you want spicy ramen?" Katuski asked answering the door. She got up excitedly making me smile as she sat in my chest, "baby your hair is getting so long," I said stroking her strands

"Can Aunty Mimi do it for me?" She asked turning and I nodded, "whatever you want my love," I kissed her neck making her laugh

"Here you go," Katuski handed her the small bowl, "thank you," she said taking it. I grabbed the fork and broke it in two then used my metal manipulation to make it into two chopsticks since the other ones were to big for her

"Use these," I handed it to her, "thank you," she said taking it from me and started eating, "where's mine?" I asked looking around

"You told me you weren't hungry," Katuski said opening it, "and nigga you listened to me?" I threw my hands in the air

"Fine you can share with me," he said pulling me and Angel over so I was in his lap and she was in mine. He put the food in my mouth and I happily ate as he shook his head at me

"We gotta be at the place at 2, I called in this morning," he said feeding me a piece of chicken, "the streetwear one?" I asked and he nodded

"Then you and staples have a photoshoot for Levi's at 4," he said as I smirked, "Captain Levi," I wiggled my eyebrows making him shake his head and shove the food into my mouth

"Then Angel has the kid's shoot at 7 and I got them to squeeze the brat in too," he said rolling up the noddles, "you know you love Marcus," I said nudging his shoulder until he cracked a smile, looking down at the food

"All done," Angel said with her mouth full, "don't speak with food in your mouth bambino," I pinched and kissed her cheek making her giggle

I took up my phone and dialed Mina, "hey bestie," she immediately answered, "hey love, can you do Angel's hair for her shoot later?" I asked watching as she jumped down from the bed and sat beside Max

"Alright just wash, blowdry it. I'll be there in 30," she responded, "bet see you," I said hanging up.

"Mama come I gotta wash your hair," I said leaning back in Katuski as he wrapped his hands around me. She nodded and walked over to my suitcase, revealing the hair kit that was twice her size

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