Snow White

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The Huntsman: [narration] Once upon a time, in deep winter, a queen was admiring the falling snow, when she saw a rose blooming in defiance of the cold. Reaching for it she pricked her finger and three drops of blood fell. And because the red seemed so alive against the white she thought, "If only I had a child as white as snow, lips as red as blood, hair as black as a raven's wings, and all with the strength of that rose." Soon after a daughter was born to the queen and was named Snow White. 

Queen Ravenna: Lips red as blood, hair black as night, bring me your heart, my dear, dear Snow White. 

Queen Ravenna: Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is fairest of them all? 

The Huntsman: Why is she of such value? 

Queen Ravenna: That is none of your concern. 

The Huntsman: And if I refuse? 

Muir: You have eyes huntsman, but you can not see! She is the One! I see an end to darkness! 

Muir: Where she leads, I follow! 

The Huntsman: Who are you? Why does the queen want you dead? 

Snow White: You should know. You're the one hunting me!

Mirror Man: My queen, you have defied nature and robbed it of its fairest root. But on this day there is one more beautiful than you. 

Queen Ravenna: Who is it? 

Mirror Man: Snow White. 

Snow White: You can't have my heart. 

Snow White: What does she want from me? 

Finn: Your beating heart. 

Queen Ravenna: Come and avenge your father, who was too weak to raise his sword. 

Snow White: I give you my word. 

The Huntsman: Yeah, but I don't trust you

The Huntsman: What the hell's going on? Who are you, why does the queen want you dead? 

Snow White: She wants everyone dead, all of us! 

The Huntsman: What makes you so damn valuable? 

Snow White: You should know, you're the one hunting me! 

Beith: Six dwarves against an army. 

Coll: I like them odds. 

Duke Hammond: It's the princess. Ravenna has kept her alive all these years.

Queen Eleanor: [to young Snow White] You posses a rare beauty, my love, in here. Never lose it. It will serve you well when you are queen. 

The Huntsman: I told you to run. 

Snow White: If I had, you'd be dead. 

Muir: She is life itself. 

Snow White: I would rather die than live another day in this death! 

Queen Ravenna: You were the only one who could break the spell and destroy me, and the only one pure enough to save me.

Young Snow White: You're so beautiful. 

Queen Ravenna: That's kind, child. Especially when it's said that yours is the face of true beauty in this kingdom. This all must be difficult for you. I too lost my mother when I was a young girl. I can never take your mother's place, ever. But I feel that you and I are bound. I feel it there, your heart. 

The Huntsman: The forest gains its strength from your weakness. 

Snow White: Do you drink to drown your sorrows? Or your conscience? 

The Huntsman: What concern is it of yours why I drink? 

Snow White: I suppose a man's sorrows are his own. 

The Huntsman: What does a young girl like you know about sorrow? 

Snow White: My father was King Magnus. 

Beith: Muir? Does she speak the truth? 

Muir: Yes. She is of the blood. She is destined, Beith. I see an end to the darkness. 

William: I'm sorry I left you. 

Snow White: You didn't. 

William: If I'd have thought you were alive I would have come for you. 

Snow White: We were children, William. You're here now. 

William: She hasn't changed. She has that same light inside her. You must see it. 

The Huntsman: You'd be blind if you didn't. 

William: I've thought about her every day since I lost her. I can hardly believe I found her. 

The Huntsman: You should tell her how you feel. It'd be good for her. 

William: No. I wouldn't know how. 

The Huntsman: You not telling someone something like that and living with the regret is a lot worse. 

The Huntsman: [to a sleeping Snow White] You deserved better. I once had a wife, Princess. Sara was her name. When I came back from the wars I carried with me the stench of death and the anger of the lost. I wasn't worth saving, that's for sure. She did so anyway. And I loved her so much. I loved her more than anyone or anything. Then I let her out of my sight and she was gone. And I became myself again. A self I never cared for. Until you. See, you remind me of her. Her heart, her spirit. But now you, too, have gone. You both deserved better and I'm so sorry I failed you. I'm so sorry. But you'll be a queen in Heaven now and sit among the angels. 

[kisses Snow White

Snow White: Death favors no man. We must ride like thundering waves under the tattered battle flag of my father. 

Duke Hammond: You must rest. 

Snow White: We have rested long enough. Frost to fire and fire to frost. Iron will melt. But it will writhe inside of itself! All these years, all I've known is darkness. But I have never seen a brighter light than when my eyes just opened. And I know that light burns in all of you! Those embers must turn to flame. Iron into sword. I will become your weapon! Forged by the fierce fire that I know is in your hearts! For I have seen what she sees. I know what she knows. I can kill her. And I'd rather die today than live another day of this death! Who will ride with me? Who will be my brother? 

Beith: Hi-ho lads, it's off to work. 

Quert: If he starts whistling, I'll smash his face in. 

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