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"I apologize, but my son's fiancee has not attended that ball, I mean why would she do so when she is already engaged"

Lord Tremaine stares at the grand duke with a fake smile on his face.

"Still, we need to have her try the glass slipper on" Drizello snorts at the Duke's insistence.

"Are you trying to tell us that there is only one girl in the whole kingdom that has this glass slipper's size?"

"I mean it is kind of small to have it fit on anyone-"

"Shut up, Anastasius" the redhead does as his older brother says and stays silent.

"If you do insist that my future daughter in law should try it on, then I will bring her down"

Lord Tremaine looks confident as he speaks out those words, while the brothers look at each other with worry apparent on their faces.

After all, the night of the ball, you and Ellard were not at the mansion.

"Bring (Y/n) down here, Anastasius" the younger brother nods at his father before rushing upstairs.

"Would you like to have a seat?" Lord Tremaine invites the servant and the duke.

"Yes, very much" the servant holding the pillow with the glass slipper on it, walks towards the seat.

Yet doesn't notice Lord Tremain's cane being in the wait until it was too late.

The servant trips and the glass slipper falls into the hard ground, shattering into tiny pieces.

"Oh no, the prince is going to kill me!"

While the duke is terrified at the sight of the broken glass slipper, Anastasius returns.

"Father, (Y/n) is gone!"

Everyone is shocked at the news they received.

"She must be with Ellard" Lord Tremaine suggests.

"No, she has escaped with Ellard, all of their things are gone, I checked their chambers father, however..."

Anastasius shows them the other glass slipper he found in your chamber.

"I found the other glass slipper in (Y/n)'s chamber"

The servant and the Duke are relieved, while Drizello and Lord Tremaine are displeased.

Lord Tremaine doesn't know what he is angry at more.

The fact that you ran away with his stepson


The fact that his stupid younger son has just proven that you are the girl the prince is searching for.

"We have to send a search party right now, I'm sure she hasn't gotten far" Lord Tremaine presses his lips.

"Indeed, you should"


"Oh no, I have forgotten the glass slipper at home"

Ellard stops and turns to you to see a worried look on your face.

"Why would that matter? it isn't like you have any use for it" you shrug.

You didn't want to leave any trace behind that indicates that you attended the party.

But, it doesn't matter anymore, you already escaped.

"I guess you are right" Ellard smiles at you, squeezing your hand.

"I want you to wait here, while I go find a sailor who will be able to take us away from the country" you nod at him.

"All right, I will wait"

Cinderellon kisses you on the lips quickly before pulling away.

Once he is out of your sight, your eyes wander all around you.

However, when you see a group of men walking towards you, you start to get nervous.

"Are you alone, miss?"

Their nasty smirk and their lustful stares were enough to be red flags.

And without wasting another second, you start running away towards the forest.

You kept running with all your speed but it seems like the men won't stop until they capture.

And against you well, you trip and fall on the hard ground.

"Now, we have got you"

You watch as one of the men tries to reach for you, but before he could do such a thing...

...his head and the heads of his friends fly off their shoulders.

Your eyes land on your brutal savior, only to be shocked.

Maleficent stood tall before you in all his prideful glory, looking down at you with a disgusted look on his face.

"Now, what is a little human as yourself doing in my forest?"

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