Chapter 11

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I try to breathe but the air is thick. Everything is so dark. I feel a warm hand grab my shoulders and shake me. I cannot open my eyes. I open them for a split second to see a flash of white light then i go back into darkness.

I'm shaken again more firmly. I feel the shake jar my head forward and i feel a thick liquid fall into my mouth. Coppery and watery. I still can't breathe.MY lungs ache as my chest heaves forward my mouth trying to catch oxygen. A name is being called out into the darkness, it sounds familiar. I dig my nails into the ground and struggle for air.

"Haley!!" A voice screams. "HALEY!"

I remember my name and then i go from a meloncholy state to a state for fear and panic. I flash my eyes open and stare straight up into Brian's bright green eyes. I gasp but no air is coming in.

"Breathe please!" He screams at me.

I panic and my eyes start to close and im jarred awake by the vigiourous shake. I suddenly can't hear. I can only see Brian's eyes. in the corner of my eye i see Isabella trying to freeze something. My mind is dull. I can't breathe and i'm going to die. I think to myself. I'll be with Blake then....

I start to let go and stop trying. Just when i feel darkness spreading into my very bones, i start to feel heat. I tense up as i feel like my whole body is in flames. I suddenly take in air and scream. I scream and twist in pain but i'm being held down. I keep screaming feeling heat everywhere. My mouth is covered and i start to feel the heat dull. I can hear again. I hear fighting and screams. 

I open my eyes and see Brian his face blank and unnerving. I just breathe and stare at him.

"Haley. I love you and i'm sorry." He whispers "Run now."

I try and responed but nothing comes out. Then in the blink of an eye I am beinging pushed to my feet. I find my legs and look back at Brian.

"RUN!" he screams.

I run. I book it as fast as my legs can carry me. I run for Isabella. I only glance around to see we are somewhere on a plain. The plane is crashed. What happened?

"Haley." She grabs my hand and we run.

Then my mind screams BRIAN! "Wait...We..Forgot....Brian!" I gasp between each word.

"He is coming  now come on!" She yells

I stop and turn around and start to run back. I see Brian running into the plane. Then im twisted around just in time to hear a huge explosion. Isabella and I are knocked to the ground.

"GET UP!" she yells and rips me off the ground and we runinto a warehouse without looking back.

We run inside Isabella stops in her tracks when the door behind us closes. I look at her uneasily. She is coated in dirt and blood her clothes torn apart and she looks like a fighter.

"Haley....." a small whisper rises out of nowhere.

I hold my breath.

"Haley.....Light keeper..."

"What?" i whisper barely audible.


I walk forward and look back stunned to see Isabella gone. I shake in madness and fear. My sensible mind gone.

"Go ahead Lorkan!" I scream and it echos through the large warehouse. I throw my hands up into the air and scream. "COME GET ME!!!"

Nothing replies.

"COWARD!!!" I scream at the top of my lungs.

Lorkan appears about 15 feet away from me her face satifised.

"Light Keeper. So you came?" her voice hollow

I spit at her. "Your a coward."

She smiles clearly enjoying my hate. "Just come so we can release your loved ones."

"No." I say


"No. You have to fight me, You will never take me alive." i scream "Release them now!"

"Silly girl." she mutters. "Fine i'll kill you gladly."

I close my eyes. I feel a white light coming into me. A bright light that cannot be held in. I channel my anger and fear and hatred into the light. I open my eyes and i feel it bottled up. It wants to come out.It is wild and free. I become scared andit starts to fade.

"No haley... don't let it go away. Use it. "I reconize the voice. It's familiar and calming. Alidia.

I calm down and feel it grow and grow. I look at Lorkan who's smug face is now in awestruck wonder. Right as i figure out how to let it free i look at Lorkan again. Standing in front of her protecting her is a large figure.

"Don't you dare." His voice is strong

I realize who it is. I take a sharp breath in. I stare in shock. "Brian."


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