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Belle's POV

My life is so fucked up...

Does anyone know that?

I forgot to pay our monthly rent in the apartment for the 26th time. Can someone believe that? I keep on doing it over and over but thank goodness, I  can fool the landlady so I don't have any problem with that. My roommate and I are working in the same job. I was the one in charge of paying the rent of this apartment while she is the one doing the others. Meaning, she is the one who is paying the bills and even for our foods. 

My roommate is Catalina Diaz, she is Mexican, and we are working in a gentlemen's club. It is not a dirty club if you are wondering. We just had a few drinks with the customers, chat with them, entertain them and then can go. No having sex. It's a clean job. But some customers tried to pay us for a night and we should not be allowed for those kinds of jobs but that will be our choice. 

I'm a virgin, if you are thinking. I never had a boyfriend actually. It never comes into my mind because I all I did was how to live on my own. Life is difficult so I really need to work hard. No fun and laughter in my world. 

Actually, my life already started as a mess. I have never felt any happiness since I was a kid. So I decided to ran away. 

 The reason why I ran away from home is because my Mom is very abusive. I don't have any siblings and no Father so it was only me and my Mom from the very start. She was destroyed when my Dad died in a car accident when I was young and ever since that, Mom never tries  to save herself. She goes home with different men every night, always come home drunk and then she will abuse me. I don't know why but she just lost her mind.  

I hated life since. I don't even know where my life is heading. What my future is. Well, sure it will be like this forever. Boring and sad. Always have and always will. I don't believe in happiness and love. They are for losers and they are only made up things to fool people. 

But life must go on. I don't people to pity me because I'm sick of it.  This is where I am and I need to face it. So God help me.

I know my life is ruined. Sometimes I think if there is still a chance that my life will get better. But what can I achieve with a job like this, right? Can I buy a house with just the salary I got? Tsk, it would be a miracle if I marry a rich man with this look, or meet a fairy godmother that will grant my wishes. But real life is not a fairytale. They are just made up for children. So blame those princesses who just wakes up and everything is fine. 

Jeez, I seriously needed help. 

But right now, I have to wake up to reality. 

"Wakey, wakey Belle!" Catalina started to hit me with the pillow on my head!

Damn it, I hate it so much when someone is interrupting my sleep. But I just groan as I bury my head on my pillow even deeper, trying hard to cover my ears. I wanna sleep more. "Go away!"

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