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1A is all 5'8-6'8

Bakugou is 5'0

New girl is 5'5

Short Bakugou AU

No one POV:

1A always baby's Bakugou and Bakugou pretends he hates it but he secretly sometimes love being 1As baby, but today something changes

Bakugou POV:

I was in class sitting on Idas lap cause for some reason I just always have to be on someone's lap! The class is huddled around us like always tell the bell rings and we all go to our seats

"Good morning class today we have a new girl joining us her name is Emma and her quirk is plants" Aizawa said I rolled my eyes

'Great a new extra...I like the class the way it is'

A girl around 5'5 walks in with long brown hair and big brown eyes she is very pretty and 'cute'

"Awww she's adorable!" Mina sequels, then everyone began to complement her except me

"All right settle down class, Emma wanna share some things about yourself?" Aizawa suggests she nodded shyly

"Well I love the color pink- oh and I'm a little and I absolutely love dogs!" She said the class coed I just roll my eyes again, I don't like her

At lunch

I was walking behind the class they were all huddled around the new girl and babying her telling her how adorable she was. When we got to the table she sat on dekus leg as ururaka fed her I sat next to Kirishima but no one even noticed I was there

"It's gonna be so much fun to have a little around!!!!" Denki said ruffling her hair as she giggled, I'm not hungry anymore

At the dorms

Now we are all at the couches she is playing with toys in the middle of all of them as they watch and coo...they used to force me to do that which I secretly loved. I guess this makes sense cause im not a actual little and she is

"I'm going to bed" I said no one even listened or they just ignored me, normally they would all tuck me in and read me bed time stories

The next morning

I walk downstairs and everyone is at the dinner table and Emma is sitting in a high chair while they all take turns feeding her

"Deku!" I yelled he looked at me a little mad

"Don't yell in front of the baby!" He yelled at me annoyed, I tried my best not to cry

"What did you want?" He asked annoyed

"I- I didn't have a accident" I say I was proud of myself this morning cause I didn't wet the bed, I had a bed wetting problem since the kidnapping and nightmares

"You shouldn't have them to begin with your not a baby" Deku spat I flinched a little

"I don't have accidents cause I'm a big girl!" Emma giggled the attention all went to her again everyone cooed at her

"Whatever..." I said and went back to my room since it's the weekend

"Don't mind him he's just a big bully" I hear Mina say as a leave I start to cry

At lunch

I walk downstairs and sit at the table with everyone as we all eat and Emma is now sitting on Kirishimas lap I can't help but get more jealous by the second I couldn't take it so aggressively got up

"Dude your gonna scare the baby!" Denki whisper yelled, everyone looks at me mad

"Who the fuck cares!" I yelled slightly shocking the class as I stomp to my room

After dinner time bakugou didn't go down with them for dinner he stayed in his room

I hear a knock on my door

"Go away!" I yelled hugging my pillow

"Bakugou it's us" Iida says I rolled my eyes

"Go the fuck away!" I yelled louder

"Let us in we need to talk.." Momo said sounding a little worried I groaned and got up and unlocked the door letting them in, I sit back down on my bed

"Emma is asleep and we want to talk about your attitude" Deku says making me roll my eyes

"What is going on with you today" he asks softly

"You guys completely ignored me when Emma came and she's stealing everything you used to do with me..." I said sadly

"Oh baby..."Mina said everyone looked disappointed

"We love you kacchan sorry we made you feel this way" Deku said setting me on his lap and cradling me

"We thought you hated us babying you" Denki said

"No... I love being your baby" I said with tears threatening to spill

"Aw does this mean we can dress you in cute clothes and you finally call us mommy/mama/dada/daddy/appa!!!!" Mina squealed everyone looked at me with hopefull eyes

"Ugh fine!" I yelled playfully they all group hugged me and we cuddled tell we all fell asleep

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