30// Tori

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So we're officially back at the beach-house...my house that is.
Seeing as there was nothing found here and honestly, I just couldn't bear the thought of sleeping back in Derek's house after what happened.

Truth be told I'm not really comfortable sleeping at my beach house, but we still don't know when this is going to be over, and we can't keep staying in Jack's space.

Even though he said it was perfectly fine that we could, but it's not really the point he deserves to have his spare room back.

Derek is following the lead that Levi gave us, but I doubt it will actually lead anywhere.

I think now it's just taking a toll on us both, I mean he has been away from his brother and his daughter for weeks. And I know that it breaking his heart and it's breaking him in a way that he won't ever admit to me. This adds to my guilt because I'm the reason why he is separated from his family.

And I've officially lost my job at the hospital, seeing as I didn't go back on Friday, my boss called me up and gave me that delightful news yesterday.

Grace said I should fight it, but I don't have the energy to. I mean I loved my job there, don't get me wrong I did, but right now it's not worth the headache.

Especially because I don't know if I will be going back to California anytime soon.

I don't know what the hell I am doing anymore.

I'm unemployed.

Fearing for my life.

In love with a man that I have only know for a short time.

Could potentially become a stepmom.

And I have nowhere to permanently live.

It all feels a mess, but when I'm in Derek's arms at night or when I see Daisy's little smiling face on FaceTime, my heart melts with so much love.

And nothing feels a mess anymore or scary, but I am afraid...

I'm afraid of the unknown, what if by a small chance I end up like those missing girls. I know that Derek and Jack will do everything in their power to protect me, but sometimes things are out of our control, and we have to accept our fates.

I don't want to put Derek through that, I don't want him to have to mourn another woman he cared for, it isn't fair to him, it wasn't the first time and it wouldn't be this time.

And I don't want to potentially leave Daisy without another person, who could have been a mom to her, I already love her so much and I have only spent a handful of times with her before Deacon left River-Cove with her.

Yet somehow, it feels like I was meant to meet her, know her, love her even.

I don't know what I'm supposed to do, should I be noble and walk away from them, to save them from the pain of maybe losing me?

Or do I stay and live for the moment with the people who are my world?

Shaking my head and wiped my fallen tears from my face, just as my phone starts to ring.

Derek is at the police station, I opted to stay at home with an officer outside. My car is here too, Derek made me promise to not drive it anywhere alone, and that if I need to go anywhere text him or get the officer on duty to escort me.

But I don't know I feel calmer and more at ease, knowing that I have my car.

"Hello" I answered the phone, trying to sound normal, less like I've been crying.

"It's this Victoria Winters?" An unknown voice instantly asks me.

"Yes, it is, who I am speaking with?"

"Ma'am, my name is Dr. Carlson I'm sorry to inform you that Derek Henderson has been shot-;" the voice announced, feeling myself slump back a little as I hear the words....no he's wrong....Derek is fine...right?

"No, you're wrong..." I cried out,

"I'm really sorry, but you should come to River-Cove memorial hospital as soon as possible, we're not sure if he will make it," The doctor said firmly.

"Is he awake? Responsive? ...." I ask barely in a whisper, afraid of the answer I might get in return.

"You should just get here, ma'am"

Ending the call while getting up from the sofa.

In a panic rush and a blur grabbing my bag, car keys and headed out the beach-house.

Locking the door and turned towards the steps, while dialing Jack's number.

Because if anyone is going to have the information I need, about the man that I love it's going to be him.

"You've reached Detective Jack Hayes; sorry I can't take your call right now. Please leave a message..." The voicemail cut off to a beep.

Shaking my head and started walking to my car, I don't care about the officer and explaining shit right now, he can follow me.

Right now, I need to get to Derek, and I need answers....I need to see him.

"Jack it's Tori...call me as soon as you get this. I'm on my way to the hospital now, I was told Derek has been shot-;" I cut off when I felt the impact against the side of my head.

Feeling myself falling down, just as I swear, I see a blurry image of a person, and I hear a voice say.

"Finally...we meet again...my love"

"What..." I stumbled out confused.

Trying to get up just as another impact hits me, this time the darkness takes over and my thoughts go to Derek.

I should have told him, I love him...

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