Chapter Four:



Aidan's POV:

  That was a good stroke of luck I got with her guessing my name correctly. I thought I was going to be named Demon or Prince or something stupid like that.

 We exited the bathroom and she showed me around the house. It was heaven just to listen to her voice. Cadence Demarice. Just saying it and picturing her gave me shivers down my spine.

  "Alrighty! Well, I'm hungry and haven't had anything to eat. What about you? Are you hungry?" Cadence asked me.

  I was extremely hunger and made it known by giving a soft bark and wagging my tail enthusiastically. She just laughed at my excitement and led the way into the kitchen, shaking her hips in a natural strut. What a nice view that was.

  “Well, tonight I guess I’ll have some Ramen Noodle Soup and you can have a raw steak. Sounds good?” Cadence started getting the steak out from the freezer and put it in the microwave.

  I barked in confirmation. When I heard the ding I saw Cadence searching in the cabinets for a plate before setting the food before me, then started making her noodles. I tore into the meat, quickly ravishing all of the food.

  I felt like I hadn’t eaten in days- which in fact, I haven’t- and saw her looking bemusedly at me.

  "Messy eater, huh?" Cadence giggled. I loved the sound.

  I ducked my head, ashamed that I acted like such a pig in front of her. I groaned. I'm such a doofus! I feel like a child with a crush on his teacher.

  Cadence cocked her head to the side. "It's as if you can understand every word I say. You're a strange one, aren't you? I heard wolves were some of the most intelligent creatures, but this is amazing..." she said, pondering the possibility I understood her- which I did.

  Dang, I have to start acting more like an animal! She starting to get suspicious...isn't she? I mean she hasn't really said anything more than it's strange, and she's acting like she can accept it just as that. I don't really have to act differently, do I?

  Who am I kidding? I actually do want her to suspect something so I can be around her in human form! She seems to like me as a wolf, so wouldn't she like me as a man, too?

 Wait! Am I really thinking something like that? It's too dangerous! Bad Aidan! Bad! Bad!

  I am perfectly capable of just being her pet wolf until I heal. Then, I'll leave. I will not put her in danger by being with her romantically. If the pack saw me with her and saw I care about her, they would hurt her to torture me.

  Nope. I am perfectly fine with just being her pet.

  The home phone rang, disturbing the quietness of the house, and she jumped. I chuckled to myself. She answered it and a smile broke out on her face. I listened to the conversation, curious as to her reaction.

 "Heya, Babe. How are you?" said a deep- infuriatingly flirty- male voice. I growled, unable to control it. Luckily, though, she didn't seem to notice.

  "I'm fine, Drew. How's the vacation?" Cadence asked.

  "It would be better if you were with me, but it's going well. Anything happen within the week I've been gone? Any new guys trying to take my spot with you?" the jerk asked. What does he mean his spot? She obviously wasn't interested, even if she was blushing and smiling.

  "Not since you called last night. Wait a minute...there was one guy..." she teased while laughing.

  "HA. HA. Very funny, Babe. You do know that if you ever wanted to go out with me all you'd have to do is call, and I would be there in a second? Vacation, or no vacation, I would run there if I had to." His voice had gotten softer and took on a caring tone. I growled a little more. Like she would go out with him when she's busy at home with me. With me at home, she wouldn't have time for another guy.

  "You know my rule. I don't date fellow workers. I've told you that before, you dork." HA! What now!

  "You've got to give me props for trying. I'll keep trying, too," he said. I was really starting to hate this guy.

  "Alright. Well you should get back to your vacation...bye, Drew." Cadence said in an exasperated tone. It made me feel smug, and I suppressed a smirk.

  "Bye, Babe. I'll call tomorrow."

  Cadence just smiled and hung up the phone. She then went upstairs to get ready for bed. I followed her up as she brushed her teeth and took off her clothes, wearing only a tank-top and red, lacy boy shorts.

  I closed my eyes to try and calm myself from the sight of her. That is, until I heard her whistle and pat the bed. I slowly opened my eyes and groaned, internally. I wanted her so bad!

  Being just her going to be a whole lot harder than I thought.



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