Chapter 1: This is the place?! (Marisa)

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"Are you sure that this is the right place?" Emily asked slightly exasperated as we approached the door to the apartment building. We had flown in from Colorado all the way to New York on a one-way flight and we were all a little tired and anxious about what awaited for us in New York. Especially considering that we couldn't open the orange envelope until we got to New York and were out of the airport.

In the orange envelope was a small fragment of paper that read Sunset Towers on it. It turned out that it was an apartment building that was in the city where we had landed. Apparently there was a lot more than just one place named Sunset Towers. The apartment building that we were standing in front of at the moment was number five.

"I'm not too sure of anything right now!" I snapped before I briskly walked through the door that opened up into the front desk reception area. The reception area was elegant but classical at the same time. With a crystal chandelier dangling from the ceiling and a couple mirrors hung from the walls on either side of the large reception area. Everything looked very expensive. I walked up to the front desk and asked the young man at the desk the same question that I had asked the other four people at the other apartment buildings.

"Do you know what apartment this key is for? I seem to have forgotten the room number," I asked as politely as I could. I was just as tired as everyone else was with walking around and getting no results. So a slight bit of agitation might have made its way into my voice. At the same time though I was really hoping that this was the right place.

The young man at the desk looked up from his book to me and then looked down at the key in my hand. He put his book down and picked up the key to examine it further. After a minute he put the key back in my hand. He looked rather puzzled.

"Wait here a second please," he said and went into the door behind him. Well this was different. I could hear a muffled conversation coming from the room which started to make me feel nervous.

One voice I knew was the young clerk's, but there was another voice too. This one was more deep and gruff. When the conversation stopped both of the men came out of the back room. The older man smiled at me and held out his hand to me.

"May I see the key?" the older man asked smiling politely.

"Of course," I replied smiling and dropped the key into his hand. The older man looked the key over and then handed it back to me. He walked over to a shelf that was next to the door that he had just come out of and pulled a binder off the shelf. He dropped the binder on to the front desk and began flipping through the pages. The older man stopped at a page with pictures of keys on it. Underneath the picture was some writing that said the floor and room number.

The older man held out his hand once more and I dropped the into his hand. He took the key and placed it beside picture after picture of keys. It looked like he was trying to match up the key with one from the book. I didn't realize that hotels did this. He stopped at a picture and stared wide eyed at the page. He seemed to recover quickly and smiled politely at me.

"We have kept your room ready and clean for your arrival," the older man said and then he seemed to look puzzled. "Where is everyone else?"

"They are outside," I said cautiously. How did he know that there was more than just me coming to the apartment? "I wasn't sure if this was the right place or not."

"Ah yes, I know what you mean," the old man said smiling. "Well it's room 426 on the fourth floor."

"Thank you very much," I replied smiling. I felt very relieved as I took the key back. This was the right place, finally. I went over to the front door and motioned for everyone to come and follow me. I noticed everyone's moods suddenly perked up. They seemed all super excited to see the place. We made our way to the elevators and was forced to wait for the elevator to get down to the main floor. We crammed into the elevator and waited impatiently for the door to open. But once we got to the fourth floor the good mood disappeared.

It didn't look very nice at all, the hallway that is. Wallpaper was pealing and a couple of the lights were burnt out. Some of the tenants had their doors open and the rooms looked just about as bad as the hallway. We were so deflated by the time that we got to our room that I almost didn't open the door. But a small voice in my head told me that it would be worth it to open the door. So I unlocked the door and the room, no, the loft was beyond all of our expectations.

I swear everyone's jaws dropped and eyes bugged out, including my own, just at the sheer sight of the massive room. No one said a thing as they entered the room. I barely remembered to close the door behind us. But then I remembered something that I had almost forgotten about. I rummaged around in my satchel and pulled out my sketch books. I had dated everything that I had drawn to see if I was getting better at drawing over the years. However a part of me knew that that wasn't completely true. I dated the pages because it helped me to judge how far I could see into the future.

I flipped through one of my older sketch books and found a drawing that was almost identical to the room. Except Emily needed to move a bit more to the...never mind. I turned the page over and looked at the date. It dated back 15 years ago to the day. But I was three years old at the time, how on Earth could I have drawn this? Alex must've noticed that I hadn't moved from the doorway because the next thing I knew he was looking over my shoulder. I jumped a little when he started talking.

"When did you draw this?" Alex asked nodding in the direction of the picture. I just felt numb. I wasn't really sure how I was supposed to respond.

"15 years ago," I replied quietly in a detached voice. This was not happening. This couldn't possibly be real and yet it was staring at me right in the face.

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