You Get What You Get

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There's nothing like working 9-8 for someone who has violent tendencies. Especially when he calls an emergency meeting at 3 in the morning. 3 IN THE FUCKING MORNING. Doesn't he know that Llewelyn has better things to do? You know, like SLEEP. Llew's a little ticked if you can't tell. The boss said that it's just a company meeting and didn't give a dress code so Llewelyn got out of bed in his PJs, grabbed a snack, grabbed a blanket and a pillow for his five-year-old nephew that he's babysitting, got him in the car and went to the office. He's half-asleep, didn't put in contacts, almost forgot his driver's licence and just tied his blonde hair into a bun. His hair falls to the bottom of his shoulder blades and he grew it out purely to piss off his parents but decided that he likes it. 

When he got to the office building, he took his nephew Nicholas inside and headed straight for his boss, Egan's office. There's a couch in there that the kid can sleep on. Llewelyn passed a couple of the other employees on his way in and didn't care about the looks that he got as we walked. They're all in business casual and he's in black and red plaid pants with an oversized black t-shirt with the word 'die' written in Japanese characters on his chest. He just pulled on his black and white Vans on his way out the door but not many people care about shoes. 

Llew knocked on Egan's office door and when he got no response he pushed the door open. He had gotten all the way from his car to the top floor with Nicholas on his hip, asleep, because he didn't want Nick to wake all the way up. 
"Alright little man, how about we get you to something more comfortable than my shoulder, hm?" Llew said as he approached the couch. He plopped the pillow that he had under his left arm on the couch, laid Nick down and covered him in the blanket that he was wrapped in. 
"I should be back soon okay? If you wake up and I'm not here, stay right here okay?" Llew said and ran his fingers through Nick's thin hair. 
"Okay," Nick whispered and went back to sleep. Llew kissed the side of his head and went down to the conference room they were told to meet in. Llew found that everyone who had been called in was there. Egan was in his usual spot and looking rather antsy and Llew's spot next to him was empty. Egan kept glancing at the empty chair hoping that Llewelyn would just appear. 

The conference room door squeaked and cut the silence in the room. No one said anything as he walked along the table and sat down. He turned to Egan and said something that not one of them would dare say to their boss. Llewelyn plopped down in the spinny chair with a sigh and angled himself to look at Egan
"So, you beckoned?" Llewelyn asked. 
"I did," Egan said looking Llewelyn up and down. 
"It's three in the morning, attire wise, you get what you get," Llew said and Egan smiled and shook his head before addressing the room. 

Llewelyn can't say that he truly knows what's going on; he was only half paying attention but it's something about the hero sending a message to say that she's cOmInG tO KiLl tHeM. 
"Literally just flip out an UNO reverse card. Or kill the messenger," Llewelyn said looking up at Egan. 
"But why would we do that?" Some jerk asked. He's not a jerk for asking the question, he's a jerk for his side comments about damn near everything. 
"Why would we do what?" Llew asked. 
"Kill the messenger," A woman said. 
"Because it sends a message," Egan answered them. 
"Thank you. Someone knows where I was going with that," Llew said. He's too tired to deal with their bullshit. Everyone else looks to have had at least three cups of coffee and Llew just got out of bed. 
"Why would we want to escalate things like that?" The same man asked. Llew thinks his name is Peter. 
"When have we used one of our own as a messenger?" Llew asked. 
"That's true. It would just show them that we're not fucking around," a third person added in. 
"Exaaactly," Llew said and the people in the room looked around at each other and they had a chuckle. They talked about more ways to deal with the problem and decided to ignore it but be aware of threats. 

Around 5 they called it a day and Egan said that they could all have the day off. Llew walked out with the weapons manager, Patrick and they got talking a little bit. 
"The pyjamas are a good look for you," Pat commented as Llewelyn yawned. 
"Thank you. Apparently, I'm the only one who sleeps around here," Llew laughed. 
"I debated wearing PJs but I didn't want to get murdered by Egan," Pat said and sipped his water. 
"That's fair. But it's too early for me to care. Honestly, the Forever Nap would be better than being here this early in the morning," Llewelyn sighed. Egan watched as the two chatted and kind of pouted to himself. He's been trying to get Llewelyn's attention for months now and this guy gets it in three minutes? Come on man. He doesn't want to lose Llew to this monkey of a man. Suuure Egan can go off the rails sometimes and he's conducted his share of homicide but Llewelyn can talk him out of his anger swings and calm him down. Egan is so lucky to have Llew as an assistant. He's always there when Egan needs him and that makes Egan happy. Seeing and this Patrick fellow flirting with Llew does not make him happy. If it doesn't bring you joy, get rid of it. 

"Llewelyn," Egan called and Llew's head turned at the sound of his name, "can I talk to you for a minute?" Egan asked and Llew nodded, paused his conversation and went to talk to Egan. Egan walked to his and Llew's elevator and Llew followed him. Egan led Llew to the one filing room that doesn't have any windows other than the one on the door. Egan guided Llew into the room with a hand on the small of his back, followed him in, closed the door and dropped the blind on the window. 
"Is everything alright?" Llew asked, looking the other man up and down. 
"No. It's not," Egan said and walked towards Llew and was kind of shocked to see that the other didn't move back but delighted that he didn't scare the blonde. 
"What's the matter?" Llew asked. 
"That Patrick fellow is standing on thin fucking ice," Egan said and Llew arched an eyebrow at him. 
"And why's that?" Llew asked. 
"Oh come on. You don't see the way he looks at you? The way he talks to you?" Egan asked. 
"I do. It's similar to the way you look at me," Llew answered. 
"And you I," Egan replied, lips just inches from Llew's. 
"It would be a shame if we were to kiss," Llew whispered. 
"Would it? Then I guess it's good that I'm shameless," Egan whispered in response, eyes dipping to Llew's mouth for a moment then back up to his brown eyes. 
"You always were," Llew whispered and they both went to lean into it when the sound of someone trying the door handle stopped them. A muffled, "where the hell did they go?" filled Egan's ears and he knew who it was. 

Llewelyn quietly gasped as Egan pressed his back against the wall with hands on his hips and claimed his mouth. 
"I'm sure that they went in here," A female voice came through the door and Llew's hands cupped Egan's face. 
"Maybe they went in another door. I just wanted to see if Llewelyn wanted to get coffee tomorrow," Patrick's voice came from the other side of the door. Egan got madder at the thought of Patrick making a move on Llewelyn but his thoughts of killing Patrick got wiped out by a soft moan from Llew and the feeling of Llew's right hand sliding down his neck to his chest and resting above his heart. Llewelyn picked up on Egan's frustration and tried to calm him down. 
"Maybe I'll just catch him tomorrow," Patrick said and the two on the other side of the door walked off and Egan broke the kiss and slid his lips down Llew's neck, sending goosebumps across his upper body. Llew tipped his head back against the wall and sighed as Egan nipped his skin, right hand sliding up into Egan's hair, left hand staying on Egan's face. Egan hugged around Llew's waist and pulled him into the hickey as he started to suck on the skin. After a few moments of making a mark, Egan peppered the area with kisses and enjoyed the feeling of Llew's fingertips lightly rubbing on his scalp. Both were left breathless and Llew smiled as he felt Egan smile against his neck before lifting his head. Egan admired a slightly blushed, breathless and absolutely gorgeous Llewelyn against the wall. Llew looked ready to fall asleep at any moment and Egan kissed his forehead. 

"I think you should get home and go to bed," Egan said softly. 
"Care to join?" Llew asked and Egan looked like a hopeful puppy. 
"Really?" He asked. 
"Yes. Someone has to drive. I can manage Nick but I don't think that I can drive," Llew admitted and the two of them grabbed Nick and headed off. 

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