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I'm sharing this because I thought it was funny but according to Wattpad, this One Shot book thingy is almost eligible for the Watty's or whatever and my first reaction was "listen bro, I don't think you want that," lmao 

AND I hate when WP says that the chapter is saved and then I hit the publish button and then it's like "publish with unsaved changes?" like WHAT?? You just said it was saved??? I don't know anymore lmao

Oh, and I apologize for not putting up chapters often. I'd like to do it more and I've got 6 drafts and so many stories going right now it's unbelievable ahaha but I'm just missing something for them all and I find it hard to keep them going. Not quite writer's block but it's getting close. 

Also, you're perfect. Don't let anyone try to convince you otherwise and to all of you that have stuck around or are new, thank you! 

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