Chapter 38

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*Small Lemon*

Making your way outside you found Daichi already relaxing in the hot tub. You walked up and climbed the few steps and put your feet in. The water was hotter than you expected and it took a few seconds to adjust as you slowly slid your body into the water.

"How do you make everything look sexy?" Daichi asked, a half smile pulling up the corner of his mouth.

"It's all in your imagination, I promise! Just wait until I trip over my own feet or do something embarrassing, you'll find me a lot less sexy then" you chuckled to yourself.

"That would only make you more sexy in my eyes" he teased, he moved across the small bit of water towards you. He placed his hands on either side of you, holding onto the edge of the hot tub. "Before we get interrupted again, is it okay if I kiss you?" he asked with a cheeky smile.

"You don't have to as.." you began to say before he cut you off. He slipped his hands below the water and gripped your ass in his hands, he pulled you up into his arms and went back to sit on the other side of the hot tub. He pulled you onto his lap and reached up with one hand to grab hold of your chin and pull your lips to his. His hand was hot on your skin and droplets fell from it, dripping down your neck in steamy streams.

He pressed his lips to yours, gently at first but growing in need every second. His lips were warm and soft against yours, his tongue tasted of mint and swirled around yours in teasing circles. His hands moved to your hips and pushed you down against him, lightly grinding against his hardening member.

"I don't think that's part of kissing" you joked pulling back from his lips.

"That's where your wrong, see most people only know about the French kiss. This here is called the Australian kiss, because its done down under" he said with a wink as he moved your hips again, you tried to hold it in but the laughter burst from your lips.

"That was...... the most cheesy thing....... I think I've ever heard" you gasped out in between bouts of laughter.

"What's so funny?" Kuroo asked as he stepped out the back door, shutting it behind him.

"It's one of those you had to be there kinds of things" you said playfully shaking your head while still laughing, you climbed off Daichi's lap and went to take a seat across from him.

"You don't have to get off just because he is here now" Daichi grabbed your hand before you could pull too far away from him.

"She usually does get off when I'm around though" Kuroo said with a smirk.

"And yet its my name she likes to call out" Daichi countered.

"Your probably right, because when she is with me she cant even form words" Kuroo said with a fake laugh.

"That's enough guys, I just wanted to relax not sit through a "whose dick is bigger" challenge. I'm gonna go inside and you two can argue all you want" you went to step out of the hot tub but Kuroo wrapped his arms around you and pulled you down into his lap.

"I'm sorry Chibi-chan, I'll stop. Its just hard to leave the rivalry on the court sometimes, we are done now I promise" he looked to Daichi who nodded in agreement.

"It's okay, I'm just thinking the two of you staying tonight might not be a good idea. I don't want things getting too heated and ending in a fight." You said glancing between the two of them.

"That wont happen, neither of us would want to hurt you, and fighting each other would only end in that" Daichi explained, he moved closer to the two of you.

"Exactly, we might be rivals but we both can agree on one thing and that's you. Neither of us want to hurt you and we will do everything we can to prevent that." Kuroo said as he gently stroked your hip with his hand.

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