Chapter 64

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"Everybody! Attention! ATTENTION!"

Hana stifled a smile as the room fell silent at Harold's outburst, and as all eyes turned towards the two of them, she reddened slightly at the attention. Especially since Houssam was perched on a seat in front of her, his eyes never leaving her.

"This is Hana Ismail. She is a big time writer and photographer for The New York Times, and she has agreed to do the photos that we need for these layouts. Now, OK magazine, US Weekly, Sports Illustrated, and ESPN all are clamoring for these photos, so whatever happens today in this room is to remain in this room. Complete secrecy until it is released! I expect everyone to have full cooperation with Miss Ismail. Got it you two?" he asked looking at Freddy and Houssam.

"I am INSULTED you would even imply that we wouldn't cooperate!" Freddy exclaimed, putting a hand over his heart for added effect, and Harold rolled his eyes.

"Yes, you guys are angels." He turned towards Hana. "Alright, I leave them in your capable hands. I have some things to do, but I will just be a call away if you need me."

Hana nodded and smiled, stepping forward, her camera strapped around her neck.

"Sounds good." She turned towards Freddy and Houssam, who were sitting side by side, and both grinning like little boys. "Okay, so I want to get a few shots of the two of you playing basketball against each other. Nothing serious just a fun one on one game."

Houssam nodded, and slid off the bench, towering over her as he pulled himself to his full height.

"Sounds good. Ready Freddy?"

"Yes I am Houssam!" he grinned at Hana. "See how we rhyme?"

"Ignore him," Houssam said with an eye roll, "he's a weirdo."

Hana laughed as Freddy stuck his tongue at Houssam, and she followed them as they went up to the basketball net. There had been multiple lights set up around so she the pictures wouldn't be too dark, and she began to adjust the settings on her camera as the men began to pass the ball back and forth.

"You ready Hana?" Houssam called, and Hana tried to ignore the spark in her heart at hearing her name from him.

"Yup. Now I know how you guys get into your games, but I want to get some still shots in addition to action shots. So when I tell you to pose, I want you to pause in whatever you are doing, and just stand still. Other than that, play like you usually would. Sound good?"

"Yes Ma'am!" they both cried in unison. "Jinx! Double Jinx!"

Hana laughed as the two men kept talking louder and louder trying to best the other.

"Alright! Come on! Start playing!" she ordered, and as Houssam passed the ball to Freddy, she started clicking away, following them around the court as they started to play. At first they were stiff, aware that she was there, but soon they began to get into their game, so when she yelled 'freeze' for the first time, they both came to a halt immediately, and she snapped the picture of the ball leaving Freddy's hands, and Houssam reaching towards it, and another of Houssam midair, Freddy a blur behind him.

After an hour, Harold came back with some lunch, and to check the progress, whistling approvingly over the pictures as he bit into a turkey sandwich.

"Hana these are incredible! You are so talented!"

Hana blushed, taking a bite of her own sandwich, and when she caught Houssam's eye, he winked at her, causing a shiver to go up her spine. Once they had finished eating, the boys changed into the uniforms they wore when they were playing, and they sat side by side, waiting for Hana's instructions.

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