My Path

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I look this way and that, all I see are actors.

Listening to others, I only hear lies.

No one is sure; may I trust what I see, hear, and feel?

I met you and was unsure.

I have been hurt so much; how can I trust?

How do you know you see the real me?

Do I know who I am...?

Do I trust myself, let alone you?

Who are we to decide who's right, who's wrong?

What's the path I take?

Am I a leader, a follower, and of whom?

What am I... Who do I become?

Who knows me better than me?

You know me... help me find me.

I love you and I'm sure of it.

You have made me better.

Helped me become whom I am.

I can't let you go, you're now part of me.

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