Unconditional Love

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"You want to do something" Anu smiled and nodded her head in confirmation she was happy that she never needed to say too much for him to understand what is actually running through her head, if someone asks her then she can proudly say that Kunal is one of the men who can kill his enemy without using any weapons and she is really trying to study his that method so that she will not be a burden on him when the time comes.

"Let's talk about it tomorrow, Today is mine" Kunal chuckled hearing the words leaving out of Anu's mouth, he slowly brought his hand towards her face were a loose tendril of her hair was disturbing her, he slowly removed the hair strands from her cheek and started to stroke her cheeks.

Anu took a long breath feeling his touch on her cheek and tried hard to concentrate on her driving when she only wanted to stop the jeep and kiss him senseless, her husband had indeed turned her into a shameless woman but she was happy to show this side of her to him after all it was only his right to see every shade of her.

Kunal came forward and placed his lips on Anu's cheek to which Anu just applied the brake and looked towards her man with wide eyes, Kunal chuckled seeing the reaction on his wife's face which he wanted to eat at this moment, the desire he feels for her was unimaginable.

"Please, let me drive, otherwise you will face the consequence" Kunal chuckled hearing the words leaving her mouth to which he leaned forward towards her.

"And what if I wanted to face the consequence" Anu's breath hitched in her throat and pulled her man by his tie and placed her lips firmly on his pink lips which were alluring since the evening when she saw him in the restaurant. Kunal didn't saw that coming nevertheless he soon joined her and their tongue started to dance in their own fusion, after a while, Anu pulled out of the kiss and placed her head on his forehead with closed eyes.

"Please behave, we have to reach there today itself" Kunal nodded his head with a small smile on his lips, he was indeed curious to see the surprise which she planned for him. Anu opened her eyes and then looked towards Kunal's eyes which were full of love for her which warmed her heart to the brim.

Anu slowly pulled Kunal's Tie from his neck to which he looked towards her surprisingly only to see her bend towards him, he took a lung full of breath to control his erratic heart which was ready to jump on her at any given moment only to come to earth when he felt her hand moving behind his head and tying the tie as a blindfold to which he chuckled for his wandering thoughts.

"So we are near I guess" Anu smiled hearing it and nodded her head that's when she remembers he can't see her so she accepted verbally and started the driving. In between Kunal again started to tease her some time he will slowly move his fingers over her hand and sometimes he will play with her tendrils and there was a time when Anu have to make her heart so strong not to jump on him in the car itself when he stared to play with her waist.

Anu took a sigh of relief when they reached their destination and she pulled over the jeep in the parking and came out and went towards Kunal's side, she opened the door and slowly asked him to come outside, who said that every time men should be the one who gives their woman surprise when in love you have to give each other surprises occasionally, after all, it's not like men are the only one in the relationship.

Anu took Kunal a few steps behind and then slowly opened the blindfold, Kunal slowly opened his eyes, it took a while for him to adjust to the light and when he saw what was in front of him he looked dumbfounded towards his wife who is looking towards him with all the love she has for him.

Kunal looked all-around knowing very well that this is one of the mountain properties which he wanted to buy long ago but the couple who had this property was not ready to sell it to him no matter how he negotiates with them, he really wanted to build a home hear away from the city where we can see the stars and can feel the fresh air without pollution and the plus point is they can see their city from here very clearly.

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