Unconditional Love

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Kunal looked towards his silent wife who is driving his jeep at this moment, he really wanted to ask her about the conversation which she had with Priya but thought to give her some space to clear her thoughts which he knew she needed.

Kunal looked outside only to see her taking him to somewhere he couldn't pinpoint at this moment, he really wanted to surprise his wife this time but she beat it for sure and seems like the surprise is really extraordinary.

Kunal looked towards Anu seeing her taking a long sigh followed by the shake of her head as if she is clearing her thoughts of the night talking with her friend which is true too. Anu really wanted to shake everything out of her brain at this moment to get a clear picture; she didn't want to be biased towards Priya just because Aarav is her best friend and brother in law.

Anu still remember the shocked look Priya given her when she said that Aarav and Kunal are brothers and the shock which she received after knowing that Aarav is in the city is worth watching for sure, Anu is completely sure about one thing and that is her friend is indeed hopelessly in love with Aarav.

Anu looked towards the passenger seat only to see her husband looking towards her intentionally which had made her turn into crimson red, she can clearly read the question in her husband's eyes to which she really contemplated whether to say everything which Priya said to her, she mentally rolled her eyes knowing very well that she will never be able to lie to him no matter what.

Kunal looked towards his wife dumbfounded when he heard the words coming out of her mouth, Anu had indeed laid everything down in front of her husband which he has the right to know considering it's about his brothers future, Anu patted her chest inwardly feeling that she was much better seeing the expression which Kunal has right at this moment.

"You mean to say she is pregnant at this moment and she is living all alone" Kunal reconfirmed what he heard at this moment only to see his wife nodding her head in agreement.

"And Stella was the sole culprit of their fallout" Anu again nodded her head hearing her husband's words, she really wanted to go to London and give that stupid female what she deserves, if she knew that woman will do something like this she would have kicked her out years ago when she first met her.

"I am going to ruin her, how dare she lay her eyes on my brother and add drug into his drink" Anu looked towards her fuming husband and then remember something which Priya gave her before they left the restaurant.

"Take my phone there is details which Priya collected before leaving the London branch, she even sends one copy to your brother, and he didn't notice I think".

Kunal took Anu's phone from the dashboard and opened it went to the folder which she mentioned and opened only to see the full details of the waiter along with the camera footage of Stella talking to the waiter, plus how she took Aarav towards his cabin, as well as there were few reports which were stating that Stella is abusing her power, Kunal felt a like banging his head for not understanding peoples.

"It's my fault, I should have been cautious of her" Anu looked towards her gloomy husband and know very well that he is blaming himself, Anu held the steering wheel tightly to control her anger she didn't want to spoil their time because of someone irrelevant but that doesn't mean that she is going to shut up, she is thoroughly going to destroy that woman who was intended to play with her family.

"Let me talk to Andrew," Kunal said while taking his phone only to be stopped by his wife. Kunal looked towards Anu questioningly, not understanding why she stopped him suddenly, then something clicked on his head to which he looked towards her with wide eyes.

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