You Took My Hand

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You Took My Hand

You took my hand, and said you would never let it go. Told me I was a lady of no common rate. You kissed my hand then told me you were mine; I had quiet robbed you of you heart. You said you had never known someone like me. I have never met someone I loved as much as you.

You took my hand in yours. You knew me like the back of your hand. You told me everything. Mine was yours, and yours mine. You danced with me till dawn, and walked me home. You took the bad and made it good. This perfect world of ours had taken my heart.

You took my hand and lifted me up to never fall again. I was wounded and you healed me I have; never felt so little pain. You have turned my world upside down; reversed time for me. You mixed up the planets just for me you made the universe revolve around my smile.

I said I would love you for forevermore.

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