I got up from my goodass sleep, went to the bathroom, took a shower, and put my clothes on *^^outfit^^* and went downstairs ate breakfast and headed to my car and headed to the school. Today was the day I was going to break it off with Lexi. after about 20-25 minutes I arrived at the school parking lot,got out, and entered school when Lexie came to me and was about to kiss me when I put my hand right in front her face
C:girl you better get those pussy lickin and dick sucking lips away from me
C:I hear shit bout yo little Triflin ass
L:TF you talkin bout Chris
C:I hear you suck dick and eat pussy what the fuck
L:baby I have no idea what your talking about and besides I wouldn't do that to you you love me and I love you not anymore
L:what do you mean not anymore. Are you breaking up with?
C:*chuckles* *sighs* yea see like it technically. So bye go suck some dick or eat some pussy I'm done with yo nasty lip Herpes having ass Yep I see those bumps on yo lip trying to hide it with make up bitch please instead of doing all you doing you should go see a doctor. BYE FELICIA!!!

After that went down Chris went to go find Yn to try and finally make her his and it took him a minute til he found her coming out the freshman hall with one of her friends *A/N I PUT YN TO HAVE THREE FRIENDS BUT THEY'LL BE IN THE STORY NEXT FEW CHAPTERS* CieAnna and saw her walking my way until I stopped her.
C:hey, Yn can I talk to you for a minute
Yn:yea sure, Ci I'll see you class ok
Ci:Aight girl
Yn:Sooo....what you need to talk about
C:ok look....ever since you got here I liked you and I've always wanted to break up with Lexie from the beginning but I couldn't, but I did break up with her and ever since I saw your beautiful face when I bumped into you that day and by the way still so sorry about that
C:*laughs*But anyways what I'm trying to say is....Will you be my girlfriend and let me take you out tomorrow night as an OFFICIAL couple instead of friends
Yn:*smiles* yea sure I'll be your girlfriend
C:Yess....well then let's walk you to class then and carry your bag I can te its heavy
Yn:fuck yea *takes the bag off then gives to Chris and he puts it on and stumbles back a little bit*
C:damn the fuck you got in here 2 tons of bricks got damn.
Yn:Baby, their called books you wouldn't know because you never bring any anyways
c:yea whatever c'mon so I can take you to class. Who you have now anyway?
C:Damn AP calculus can't stand that shit
YN:well I don't now let's go big baby

They walk to Yn's class and stop in front of the door before Chris gives YN her bag and kisses goodbye then leaves Togo to his class while Chris walks with a big ass smile on his face because he finally got his dream girl.

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