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If I told that one whom I love so much, that I loved him, would he understand or would he run away in fear? I observed, I watched, then I erred. I knew the way, I understood the path. I insisted on taking my heart with me to the sky, but I only fell fast like a shooting star and lost it all forever. Now he knows; he has taken my heart and I have lost him forever. If only I knew how to act and how to look, I may have saved myself and my heart from that pain and hurt which I felt deep inside. I could have saved my heart with silence instead of driving a dagger through it and twisting it with all the force of the world and ripping it out again. Again I fall, and again I have made the mistake and ended up heart-broken, not knowing to whom or where to turn. I am left thinking one thing, can I love again? Yes, but there will always be pain.

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