A Dream on the Edge

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You're my one dream on the edge.

I fell in love with you for forever.

Like a scar upon my heart, you never leave.

You're all I hope for, you're all my dreams.

You put stars in my eyes, and dreams in my heart.

You're a dream on the edge.

I'd do anything for you, but you never see me.

I throw all my dreams aside to be with you.

Go through all this pain just to be with you.

I'm playing your games, always knowing I will lose.

Can I be your dream on the edge.

I will be here for you, if you need me.

Promise you will need me, and make it last forever.

You have my heart, all tied up for you.

You make my heart into a sea that I'm drowning in

My dream on the edge.

Someone I will never have, but willing to jump for.

Do you hear what I'm saying, do you even care.

You are my life, I breath through your words.

I want you happy, even if it means I never get you.

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