Have You Heard the Wind?

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Have you ever wondered what the wind does?

If the wind has a name or whether it is a him or a her?

Does it say anything to you?

Can you say anything back?

If you have wondered this then listen to my tale and you might see.

Her name is Al Mã she glides in your hair and tells you of your deepest wishes.

If you listen closely she will tell you of wonders unknown.

Sing to her what you will and she may just answer if you listen closely and she may become your friend.

Al Mã is my first and truest friend.

She tells me of secrets and stories of ages past.

Al Mã seeps into your nightmares and transforms them into a dream.

I know for She comes nightly and wisps me to a new world.

It is a world where you're free with her by your side to guide you.

With meadows swaying to her rhythm you are caught in the motion.

Here with her is a peace and freedom that was unknown to you.

Al Mã tells you of things to come.

She teaches me to hope of better things.

Trust is the one thing that keeps you together.

Al Mã stays with you forever and never leaves your side.

Her way leads to promises kept and shows you of a eternal friendship.

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