Hi guys!

So, I'm starting a new story this week! Keep your eyes peeled as it's going to be something totally different.....

.....let's just say, my next story is going to be one for all those Superhero and sci-fi fans out there ;)

I'll leave you all, for now, with a short piece from it! Can you guess who it's about? There's quite a big clue ;D

See ya soon!


"Who is he? What did he say?" Charlene said, demanding for an answer which, even I, didn't know the answers to, not yet, anyway.

"I, I don't know! All I know about him, so far, is that he's definitely a fan of bats. He even wears a bat mask Charlene! I mean, who does that?!" I laughed with uncertainty and curiosity as a plonked down onto my bed, wiggling my toes with anticipation and slight excitement at the thought of this completely random stranger!

"Ooooh, a mysterious man in a mask, 'ay? Looks like you've struck gold this time, Arora!" I could sense a cheeky smirk from the other end of the phoneline.

"Haha, shush up Charlene! He saved my life, nothing more!"

"Yeah, and even I'd be happy with that, and I'm picky about my fella's." Her British accent made me chuckle. There was just no competing with her, was there?

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