Chapter | 13

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Warning: Nothing to romanticize now, huh? Yeah, that's right. We win.

Arks: Descendants of one Catholic Archangel that survived the war centuries ago; He procreated with lots of people around the world to try and repopulate his kind, but it only brought upon a curse on his descendents. Males will die if their mission on earth fails, while Females.... The three musketeers will clear that up here.


The mansion looks old, but it was larger than what they saw at the gates. Definitely looked more like an establishment rather than a place to live in. The sitting room that Ryūji and more Children were taken to was large as well, and in both sides of the wall are grand staircases. It had a vintage look to it, like an old Hollywood mansion. Someone just appeared above the staircase.

"New arrivals, how nice!" A man with paint splattered on his head enters the lobby. Ryūji recognizes him to be the brunette man who was against Seraphine earlier. "Welcome to Manchester! How many of you are studying in Carvalle Institutes here?"

Everyone but Ryūji raises their hands, because the Prince is not in the mood to participate at all.

"Good. This mansion is constructed on top of a legendary Carvalle Institute, that was unfortunately destroyed decades ago. Completely abandoned, in a secluded place; perfect place for the Enchantress to create this sanctuary for us."

Enchantress... An emotionless Ryūji does not trust anyone with magic. Only Gods yield any kind of magical abilities, and Gods are nothing but enemies to the Supernatural.

The man announces as if he's not covered in paint, "The Enchantress, such merciful being, gives us a chance to take revenge on the Vampire Queen. Just call me Doctor; one of your teacher, here to train you to maximize your potential and save other Children as well as hopefully defeating her."

Now, that interested Ryūji. Defeating the Vampire Queen; taking revenge for Lei. He doesn't have the power of his Father, and he is not an Alpha. But, he wants nothing more than to be the one to strike the Vampire Queen dead.

"They are also your teachers; Val, in charge of Supernatural Biology for us to study how to hit weakpoints, and defend our own..." he gestures to the raven haired beauty that was their group's guide. Then, he points to the redhead that was with them. "Sally, your teacher in Physical Improvements. Will be very important for your strength."

"Yuri," come enters the white-eyed tanned girl who majority is afraid of, especially when she grins in delight at the sight of their fear. She has paint all over her as well. Doctor says, "She will be in charge of Endurance. And yes, prepare to get hurt."

"I will pull out the lungs of asthmatic motherfúckers and blow 'em up like balloons! AHAHAHAHA! How long can you last getting your G-spot tickled with a PIZZA CUTTER?!" She cackles hysterically, her voice sounding like a deranged little girl.

"She just likes to have fun, don't worry, she's really sweet. Now..." Doctor commented but nobody isn't worrying about the girl who's picking her teeth a razor blade rn. No, it wasn't bleeding, she was just cleaning off plaque.

Then, he sighs, looking at the corner of the lobby where everyone now has their eyes on. "Seraphine. Your teacher in Weapons and Combat."

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