Chapter 16

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I wake snuggled against a gorgeous boy, in a metal box, terrified. As soon as my eyes open I am met with the fluorescent lights of the elevator. Blaine looks down at me when I start to move and he smiles a little.

"Morning Sunshine," he smiles a little.

I would be flattered at this but instead I reply groggily, "Is that some Amity reference?"

The hair on the back of his head is standing up wildly and My face cracks into a little smile.

"You have a gorgeous smile, Rikki," he says, looking at me.

I look away, "Th-thanks."

I feel his gaze still on my and my stomach flip flops, 'How long have we been here?' My heart begins to pound again, and my foot presses against the wall. Blaine takes notice and takes my hand in his, "Focus on me."

I turn my head back to face him again , then I look down at his hand that is clasped over mine. He is much tanner than many of the other Dauntless, his hands look strong, but as they hold mine they are gentle. Blaine gently rubs his thumb along the back of my hand.

I avert my eyes, looking away, "When are we gonna get out of here?"

Out of the corner of my eye I see Blaine chew on his lip, "I don't know. I guess whenever people realize we're missing."

My face drops, What will Caydon think? I mean, it's not like I really care what he thinks. But I mean....

I shake myself from my thoughts, realizing I have the Truth or Dare party. "Crap."

Blaine replies, "What?"

"The Truth or Dare party at Christina's. I was supposed to go."

"Oh, I'm supposed to go too. Don't worry Rik, it'll be fine. Someone will rescue us."

"And what if they don't?"

"Well, I wouldn't die in an elevator with anyone else."

I cross my arms, now even more distressed than I was before, now claustrophobia, Caydon, and death. That's one hell of a trio.

I've separated myself slightly from Blaine, his leather jacket still draped over me like a blanket. I turn my head as it rests against the wall just slightly enough for my gaze to stick to Blaine's muscles like glue. He stretches his arms, not yet making the cliche move, and his shirt pulls up, exposing his muscley chest.

Blaine looks over at me and follows my gaze to his own chest. He smiles, a little shy smile, a little dimple on his cheek. I look away. "Hey, uh, you wanna play truth or dare now? Get ready for the party?"

I shrug a little at the idea, "Sure."

"Okay then, truth or dare?"


"Pansycake," Blaine rolls his eyes, "What's your favorite color?"

I raise my eyebrows at this, "Orange."

"Dare!" He says excitedly, knowing I was going to ask.

"Uh.." I pause not prepared, "I dare you to get us out of here."

He rolls his eyes then unexpectedly removes his shirt. I look away from him, shocked and confused and because I might not be able to look away if I look.

"What you've never played Dauntless rules before?" he asks surprised.

"I-I've never played Dauntless rules, no."

A cheeky grin spreads across his face and he says as if he is reciting out of a rule book, "If you chicken out of a dare or can't perform it, you are to remove one article of clothing. Shoes slash socks not included."

My face goes instantly red and I sigh, "Uh, I'm choosing dare this time."

"Uh, I dare you to..." he sighs, "This isn't as fun without everyone else. No offense but there needs to be people here to laugh."

I shrug, then lean up and stretch my arm over to the panel of buttons and poke at the OPEN button for the doors. Miraculously, they open.

I turn and glare at Blaine, whose shot is already back on. No one is outside the door, but on a visible clock I find that it's just about time for the party.

"Did you know that button would work?" I ask accusingly to Blaine.

His face turns a shade that you wouldn't expect from a guy like him and he steals his jacket back from me, "Maybe I did, maybe I didn't."

"Oh little Dauntless boy, you're gonna be in for one heck of a game of truth or dare." I stand up and take the stairs back down to the Pit where I get to the Eaton apartment as quickly as I can so Mer can fix me up before the party.

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