Hot Tub (sapnotfound)

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I have sudden motivation to continue writing :3 dont give up on me
Finally a different ship smut!
SapnotFound (Dom bottom gogy)
(Also i got inspiration from a tiktok i saw)

(1.5k reads ty mwah mwah pogchamp)


"Come on Dream, it'll be fun", Sapnap pleaded with his eyes and connected his hands together and begged.

"I said no, Sapnap. I'm not in the mood for a party, just go yourself. Take George or someone," Dream rolled his eyes, clearly unaffected by the plead.

"Ugh, you're no fun. Fine, I will take George then," Sapnap said, putting a hand on his hip, to which Dream raised an eyebrow at.

"Whatever, have fun I guess."

Sapnap groaned in annoyance and took off to his bedroom in the dorm. Dream and Sapnap were in college, and very opposite. Sapnap wanted to party and drink, but he figured Dream was too "business" to have fun.

Sapnap shrugged it off and began to change into more casual clothes. He wore a slightly oversized black t-shirt and gray joggers, and put a silver chain on along with a few rings on each of his hands. He looked hot, in his opinion.

He figured he was correct when he walked out and Dream looked him up and down, biting his lip ever so slightly, making Sapnap chuckle.

"You're gonna get laid looking like that," Dream leaned against the wall with a smirk.

"That's the plan," Sapnap commented, making Dream's eyes widen.

"Oh yeah?, Hope you do, for your sake," Dream laughed making Sapnap roll his eyes.

Sapnap glanced down at his phone, and began to text George.

S: Are you going to the party later?

G: what's it to you?

S: Just wondering... We could go together ?

G: hmm maybe. come to my dorm then

S: Are you already dressed and ready to go?

G: no im just gonna go to the party naked -_-

S: Whatever, ill be there in 5

Sapnap rolled his eyes and left his dorm, and started making his way to George's dorm. He was weirdly nervous and excited, maybe because he had some type of feelings for George.

He stared down at his white high top converse as he walked, and lifted his head up just in time to lock eyes with George's dorm room door.

He took a deep breath before raising his knuckle to knock on the door. He continued breathing deeply to calm his nerves as he waited, hearing shuffling coming from inside the dorm.

Finally, the door opened and the two boys made eye contact, "Hey Sapnap", George smiled with his teeth.

Sapnap examined George for a moment, admiring his cute outfit. George was wearing black shorts and a dark blue crew-neck sweater. He had a cute necklace and bracelet on along with some skinny gold rings on his fingers. Sapnap also noticed George's anklet on this ankles, above his white vans.

"H-Hey George. Uh, you ready to go now?" Sapnap looked away from George's eye contact nervously.

He noticed George narrow his eyes at the boy, before nodding, "Yeah im ready."

Sapnap and George started walking down the hallway, Sapnap's heart beat quickening every time George glanced at him. God, it must be so obvious.

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