Nevaeh POV:

It's been a minute since I talked ta Shawn. If he doesn't call. Ion call. If he'ont text me. Ion text him. If he'ont FaceTime me. Ion FaceTime him. Juss dat simple. While I was talkin' ta Dee and playin' wit Izzy, my phone went off and it was a picture message. From who? Ion know. It was an unknown number. I grabbed my phone and opened tha message and it was a picture of Shawn and some bitch!

Me: "Dis nigga!"

India: "You OK?"

Me: "No! ¡Le podría ahogar ogut ahora mismo! ¡Me mintió! [I could choke him out right now! He lied to me! (A/N: Got it from Google)]

Mariah: "Beybe who lied ta you?" She asked walkin' in

India: "I'm glad you walked in..."

Me: "Shawn. Dis nig-dude lied ta me, ma! I asked him if he was cheatin'. He said no. So I let it go..."

My mama looked pissed off. Ta tha max. Dee asked ta see tha girl so I showed ha tha picture

India: "That's tha girl I told you about..."

Me: "He lucky he in St. Louis cuz I will snap his neck"

Mariah: "When he comin' back ta Atlanta?"

Me: "Matta fact he comin' ta'morrow"

Mariah: "Dat precious lil bracet you have on. Break dat shit in front if him..."

Me: "Don't think I won't. Dis is what happens when I let my wall down..."

Mariah: "And dats why I keep mines up" She said walkin' ta tha refridgerator

Then my daddy and Lani walk in

August: "Bad energy. Did I do sum'n'?"

Me/Mariah: "No"

August: "Good. Babe you ready?"

Mariah: "Yup yup"

Leilani: "And where y'all goin'?"

Mariah: "China"

Leilani: "I'm serious"

Mariah: "*laughs* NOLA. We gonna be there fa awhile"

Leilani: "How long's awhile?"

August: "A week..."

Mariah: "We'll be back quicker than you think"

Leilani: "As long as you two ta'getha"

Mariah: "Awww"

She kissed ha forehead and she kissed my cheek

August: "Please don't destroy anythang. We trustin' y'all. Especially you NeNe"

Me: "Nun will get destroyed. I promise. Tha only thang getting destroyed is dis bracelet"

He juss laughed and kissed my forehead

Me/Leilani: "Love y'all!"

August/Mariah: "Love y'all, too!"

I'm ready ta see Shawn. Cuz lil do he know. Imma bring it up on sight

Cornell "Tre" POV:

NeNe probably has no idea who sent that picture. Well I sent that picture. And no I didn't send it outta hatred or jealousy. I sent it cuz she needed to know. I wasn't finna let her be in a relationship not knowin' she gettin' cheated on. It's bad enough she had to deal with that from me. I'm not finna let Shawn play her like that. He did the samething to India. And she was good to him. Just like NeNe was. I can only imagine what's gonna happen tomorrow when we go to Atlanta

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