Chapter 1

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As a woman in my time we are born for one thing. To marry whoever our father chooses, usually to unite two strong families. It's that or being sold to someone as a slave to be used however that person chooses. Do I agree with all of this? Absolutely NOT. My father has been introducing me to suitors the moment I turned 18. I'm 20 now but that still doesn't mean I've married. I've told him time and time again. I don't want to marry anyone, I can rule my kingdom on my own.

At the age of 6 princesses are given the option of what they want their talents to be. Some choose singing, an instrument or dancing but not me. I chose archery, weapons handling, hand to hand combat and war strategy. These are normally a mans talent but I am not going to live my life being looked down on. I will not live under society's prejudice rules. I don't need a man and I never will.

"My Lady!" my hand maiden yelled. This is Tatia. We've been together since I rescued her from her family's abuse 4 years ago, her family had to sell her just to let me save her. I should have killed them but she begged me not to. The world doesn't need horrible people like that in it. As I said women have no value other that to be an object. To be used and tossed away once you get bored of them.

She has long curly black hair that is so shiny that it shimmers in the sun. Her skin is medium tan for working hours in the sun . I help her sometimes but she insisted that I just relax and leave the work to her. Please, if you think I let her work alone then shame on you. Her eyes are green and they shine in the light and whenever she's happy. Her lips are a natural pink that is moist because she keeps licking them. She is wearing the hand maidens dress that is just a soft pink dress made from silk. The dress is loose because it gets really warm in our kingdom. The dress has a "U" cut a the breast area which shows off her big chest. Her dress has a pink ribbon at the back and a really tiny one smack in the middle of her breast.Her shoes are white heels that are about 3 inches high. On her wrist is a bracelet with the crest of our kingdom in the middle. This is to show that she belongs to me, the princess.

I didn't want her to be branded but I pushed my luck when I asked father to let me choose the talents that I chose. You must be wondering why am I pushing my luck if it was years ago when I chose them. In the words of men "It's not very lady like" so father kept getting complaints from some suitors about it. I've made a promise to myself. When I become queen I will change things. It's time for women to rule.

"My Lady you must not zone out like that. It's irritating and can be very rude". Any other person would be beaten out of their sanity if they told me that but she is not just anyone. "My apologies Tatia and must I tell you not to call me that once more?" I asked her not to call me that when we are alone many times but she never seems to remember.

"I'm sorry, it's just that I don't want to make it a habit and then address you that way in front of your father or anyone else for that matter." she explained in a worried tone. "My father can not punish you for following my wishes. Tatia, that is the rule only I can punish you because you are my hand maiden and I would never ask for another" I stated. "Yes...Guinevere" she said, I smiled at her compliance.

"We must hurry your father awaits you in the garden" she said putting a few braids in my hair at the right side of my head. She put my favourite diamond clip in my hair to keep it in place. She added my earrings and matching necklace. A diamond, silver bracelet and rings on every finger but my marriage finger for obvious reasons.

I stood in front of the mirror and took in my appearance. My eyes are blue that I got from my mother that seems to attract attention to me from a lot of suitors. My lips are a dark red colour that looks like a cherry. My long hair that stopped just above my backside is brown and curly. My hair is lifted on the right side of my head is pulled up with my the hair clip to keep it from undoing itself. My height is 5'11 which drives most men crazy for some reason. My chocolate skin is covered by a black sparkly dress that is tight in the upper half but is loose from the hip down. The back just has black ribbons going down the spine of my dress, stopped at my waist and was tied into bows. The front of my dress has a low cut that reveals only the top my breast. Sadly all dresses are made this way. Even though I hate them, I have to wear heels. My heels are black that are about 5 inches high and has small gems decorating the band that wrapped around my ankles. Around my neck is a diamond with a gold chain necklace that was a gift from a suitor I courted 3 months ago. I got the bracelet as an apology from father because he tried make me marry someone at 18. I didn't forgive him but he wouldn't stop getting me gifts until I did. Literally 2 years later he starts again, I roll my eyes.

Tatia noticed my mood change and frowned. "Is it not to your liking My- Guinevere" she corrected herself quickly. "I love it. Thank you" I smiled at her softly. "Please tell me what's bothering you" she pleas. I sigh and lifted my dress so that I don't trip while walking and sat on my bed. "It's just father will never let me rule...he will never let me rule the kingdom alone. He knows that I can do it but he thinks that I need a man by my side to help me. But... I don't".

"Try to see it from his point of view Guinevere, he doesn't want you to be targeted by other kingdoms because you're an independent Queen" she stroked my hair in a relaxing manner. "I don't need a man. I can prove my strength on my own" I put my head down and mumbled. "Head up Princess, if you bow down your crown will fall" she lifts my chin with her fingers and looked me in the eyes.

She always says that when I'm upset. I honestly have no idea what I would do if I didn't have her by my side. I stand up and straighten my dress. "You're amazing Tatia, I'm happy to have you" I hugged her and she hugs me back then pulled away.

"Let's not keep your father waiting any longer" she picks up my lipgloss and applied it to my lips. I rubbed my lips together to spread it around. "Off we go" she opens the door for me. "Thank you" she then closed it after she comes out. She walked close behind me and kept her head down as a sign of respect to me. "Head up. Don't let your halo fall" I did the same thing she would do to me. I said halo because she is the angel on my shoulder but the devil is inside me. She smiled and looked up with her head held high.

As we're walking to the garden the common maids whispered about us. "Why is her head up?!" One whisper yelled. "The princess hates women inequality so she probably told her to lift her head and they are best friends I believe. She is so nice to people so I'm not shocked." The other said. "It's still disrespectful, she should know her place. She probably thinks she better than us but she isn't she's just a personal slave. I bet the princess gets annoyed at her a lot" I know Tatia heard because her head dropped again and tears threatened to fall from her eyes.

"If you have something to share please tell me what is keeping you from your work." I command. I will not tolerate bullying especially not to my best friend. "What is so important that you have to stop working?" I put my hands on my hips. "We were just saying that she should keep her head down My Lady" she bowed as she spoke to me.

"We?! We didn't say anything, it was you!" The one who defended Tatia said yelling at her. "Are you challenging my authority?" I asked. I know she has enough senses not to but I did it to scare her. "Of course not. I would never" she shakes her head frantically falling to her knees.

"You knew that she is my best friend yet still you disrespected her anyway. Get this into your slightly capable brain, if you disrespect HER you are directly disrespecting ME" I put some volume on single words. "I'm sorry My Lady please forgive me" she pleaded. I wouldn't hurt her but she needs to learn her lesson. "You're lucky I don't have you publicly beaten. Don't apologise to me. She is the one you should apologise to" I stared at her shaking figure.

"I'm so sorry Tatia. Please forgive me" she begged. "It's fine" Tatia said. Too kind, we are the complete opposite but we equal each other out. "Do you want me to punish her" I asked Tatia. "No it's fine" she said with a slight shake of her head. "If you don't she won't learn her lesson" I said. Tatia is not going to do anything harmful to her but she looked like she was considering it. "I think the stables need cleaning. The horses made a mess" Wow she actually said something. I was proud that she stood up for herself.

The maid was still kneeling as if she was waiting for me to give her the order. "Did you not hear her? She gave you a task to do. Why are you still here? Go do it" I said. As she walked away I warned her"YOU should know YOUR place and if I see you being disrespectful to anyone again I will have you publicly disciplined or banished and I will make you choose" I warned. I don't do empty treats, to me they are pointless and a waste of time. She cried and ran off to the stables.

"You, may take a day off. Keep in mind that kindness always rewards and disrespect will only end with punishment" I smiled pointing at the other maid. Her face brightens and she says "Thank you, thank you, thank you Princess I am so grateful" she bowed the ran out.

"I felt like that was really harsh" Tatia said lifting her head. "She disrespected you. Never and I mean never let a person walk over you. They can't hurt you if you defend yourself from their attacks" I advised. "Thanks. We are going to be soo late to lunch with your father" she sighed. I laugh because I doubt father has an angry bone in his body. He's probably talking to someone.

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