Chapter 5

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(This happened in the morning)
" father this is my personal knight Dylan " I said
" blessings to the Obelia empire " lan said while bowing
" good, I was just thinking of getting you one " father said with a cold face
" maids, go and fix a room for him nearby Athanese room " father said
" yes, you're majesty " the maids said at the same time.

( in the middle of the day)
I was in my room when my butler Alfredo came in and said
" you're highness, your father wants to have tea with you and Athanasia, in the garden "

" okay, thanks for letting me know " I said while patting him on the head
" problem you're highness " he said with a blush 
" oh and from now on, call me Athan " i said
" bu.. " he said but before he could finish
" no buts, cause that was a order " i said before walking out of the door.

When I came to the garden. I saw father and bugie, i sat down on the chair and said
" hello, father hello bugie "
"Hello son" father said with his usual cold face
" hello brother, and Athy wants you to stop calling me bugie " bugie said while acting angry
" haha never bugie " i said while patting her on the head 
" yahhh so mean " she said.

" daddy was in my dream " bugie said because it was a awkward silence
" really " father said
" yes, Athy, papa, Felix, lily and brother Athano
We went to picked the stars and moon and very much fun " bugie said with a cute smile
" what a weird dream " father stated
' hahahaha you wanna die you scum bag' bugie thought
" yeah that's a very weird thought " I said
' brother I thought you were on my side' bugie thought
' hahahaha revenge for calling me Athano '
I thought
" so son why don't you tell about what you Dream " father said with a smirk
I glared at him and said' well are you sure you want to know "
" yes Athy want to know " bugie said
" hmm me too " father said
" well, I dreamed about standing on top of a mountain that was made of dead bodies and the only thing I saw was dead people everywhere I looked but Alfredo woke me up, so I couldn't find out who had killed all the people " I said while looking sad at the last sentence. Everybody looked at me in shock and bugie looks so scared ' aww she looks so cute while being scared' ( Author- young man, you need help big fat help)
" b.. brother d..don't you t..think that maybe you k..killed them " bugie said while stuttering
" hmm you are maybe right " I said with a smile
" well, I didn't expect that my son would have those kinds of dreams " father said.

Then suddenly she saw father's tea and said
" papa , Athy also want that tea " while pointing at father's tea cup 
" maid fix some tea to them " father said
" yes you're majesty " the maid said
' bitch who said I wanted tea, I didn't even ask for it ' I thought 

After a bit the maid came with the tea
Bugie took a sip of the tea and said
" wow, it feels like flowers blowing in my mouth " while smiling.
' wait, that sounds familiar, hmm who did I hear it from " I thought while everybody was shocked at what she just said.
" huh did Athy said something wrong " she said looking scared
" "cough" cough " no you didn't you're highness it's just that lady Diana said the exactly same thing as you " Felix said
" ahh really " bugie said
" Felix it looks like you're talking to, leave now"
Father said while glaring at him
" a..a yes of course you're majesty " Felix said while being a bit scared
' awww my poor handsome lix ".

"Cough " it said and it came from bugie, we all looked at her and was shocked when we saw blood on her hands and mouth
" Lilian, take her to her room NOW " i said while shouting at the end of the sentence
" y.. yes you're highness " Lily said while picking up bugie and running to her room
" maiden call all the best doctors in Obelia
now" father said while standing up progressing to walk to bugie's room
" come, son " father said and after that i started to stand up from the chair and walk away with father.

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