The gaze of the 3 sword-style user

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~1st person point of view (y/n)~

After moments of him staring at me I began to sit up when the swordsman said stop and to lay back down. He acted so serious so as told to, I laid back down.

"Excuse me but, where am I?" I asked

Mumbling out the words he said "On a ship."

I kind of figured that one out on my own from the sways of the ship.

"Who's ship am I on?" I asked aggravated with his last response.

"The Straw Hat's." He said while walking out of the room.

The Straw Hat Pirates. Hmm... I've heard the name but never really knew much else about them other than the captain is a kid wearing a straw hat. So if the swordsman isn't the captain, the captain must be really strong to have someone such as him on the crew.

About a minute has passed since the swordsman left the room and I didn't sit up being to scared the second I did he would come back in here. It was quiet until moments later footsteps came closer to the room I'm located in. By the sound of it, the person was running and coming closer. Soon after the door slammed opened, by a kid wearing a straw hat. 'Is this the captain?!' Now that I think about him he was also the one who got me on this ship. I heard occasional yelling at him from behind the man wearing a straw hat.

"Luffy! Let her rest~" In a young child's voice coming from what looks like an animal with reindeer antlers.

And another yell "Stop waking everyone up! Some people have to sleep you know!" This coming from a male with a long nose.

'Whats with the nose!?' I thought to myself. Suddenly the straw hat boy came close to me and started looking me over then crazy words jumping from his mouth.

"The name's Monkey D. Luffy, join my crew!" At that moment 5 crew members either fell to the ground in shock or just heavily sighed. The five containing two women with big chests, the long nose one, the horned animal, and that swordsman.

Ehhh!? Join his crew? He's certainly an odd one I can say that, he doesn't even know my name and yet he's wanting me to join his crew. A few moments later I heard someone other than the people I already had seen yelling.

"Luffy! Stop telling people to join your crew." Then the sound of running feet came and kicked, the one called Luffy, upside the head. the person soon knelt over, grabbed my hands, and kissed them. "Madam, I hope these numbskulls didn't do anything to you. My name is Sanji, may I be enlightened by yours?"

The man sent shivers up and down my spine. I didn't like being treated like that but, I didn't want to upset him for his efforts.

"(Y/N)" I mummer "(Y/N) is my name.Oh and could you please let go of my hand, it's creeping me out a little, sorry."

As the blond haired fellow, Sanji, let go of my hand I saw him quickly direct his vision to the swordsman who was hiding a snicker near the doorframe. The two then immediately start to bicker and fight like children. 'They sure are an entertaining bunch now aren't they?' I thought to myself.

Luffy then got up from being kicked to the floor and was rubbing his head and blurted out "So! Are you joining!"

"Is it like this everyday?"


"Then why not, after all you did save me. If that's what you want, I will be more than happy to return a favour and join." he then tilted his face in confusion.
'Did he forget?!'

I didn't want to actually join the crew but, I'd willingly return the favour for him saving my life. He didn't seem like a bad pirate either just seems like he has way too much energy.

The others seemed nice in there own way as well, despite only judging by the way they looked. How the black haired women smiled softly, the orange haired women with her determined look, the passioned look in the long nosed male, and how Sanji cared for me despite ever have knowing me, all reminded of kind people. The swordsman was the only one I couldn't very well evaluate, but there must be something behind that cold gaze of his. Maybe these people can be my 'new' family.

I looked over outside the doorframe, to where the two were fighting but, they had stopped. Sanji was standing up straight and calmly lit a cigarette that lied on his mouth and between his lips. Looking over just a little I saw 'him' once again as he slid his swords in their sheaths.And yet again, the swordsman was staring straight at me.

Why does he keep staring at me?

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