Chapter 83: Clove

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When I wake up it's dark. I roll over carefully and check the clock. Only around 10 at night, we did go to sleep early. I turn on the monitor and turn the volume to almost inaudible. I watch the screen carefully and the sun starts to rise in the arena. Martiall's still sleeping in a tree and I watch for a while longer. He will definitely make it out because he has the only patch of green land to hunt in and the only water source. There are only 7 'tributes' and he's the most fit and prepared.

"Clove? Why are you awake?" I hear Cato ask groggily. I look back at him and force a smile. I lean into the chair and watch some more of the Games. I feel a warm hand on my bare shoulder and I shutter before realizing it's Cato.

"You shouldn't watch this" he says carefully. I shrug and continue to watch as Martiall starts to pack up and move out. I watch carefully and I think I see something in the corner behind him. I start to freak out, surely I'm seeing things,

"Did you see that?" I ask urgently. He shakes his head and turns to face me. I look closer, there is definitely something there. I squint towards the screen and see someone moving towards Martiall. I try to scream but nothing comes out.

"Cato" I croak and I lift my finger weakly.I point, my hand shaking violently, and he finally notices. I watch intently as the figure moves closer but doesn't attack, yet.

"He'll be fine" Cato says surely. I shake my head, if he doesn't see the man soon, he'll die. Tears cloud my vision and I feel a pang of guilt. I should have more faith in Martiall, I breathe in heavily. I watch as Martiall walks straight passed the man, seemingly not paying attention. The man follows his slowly and all I can do is hold my breath. Martiall stops and digs through his bag once he's next to the lake. He grabs something and turns to face the approaching man quickly, Corbinus turns to face the camera.

"If I can get rid of your family, you'll have to-" he says in to the camera, as if knowing I was watching. I shutter and reach for Cato's arm. Martiall charges and tackles Corbinus and holds a knife to his throat.

"Don't talk about my sister!" he mutters almost inaudibly. I look at Cato, confused, how did he even know who Corbinus is? I start to shake, with what I think is pride, I can't even tell. I watch as Martiall slices Corbinus' throat and he falls limp, still bleeding profusely.

"Cato he did it!" I yell hugging him from the side, he smiles proudly. We probably just woke up half of the people staying in Snow's mansion but I could care less. A canon goes off on the monitor and Martiall stands up quickly, wiping some blood off of his brow. He rummages through Corbinus' bag and smirks, he found something.

"Clove get to bed, please" Cato says tucking himself in. I look over, sleep would be nice, but what if I miss something. I eventually comply and shut off the tv. I sneak over to Cato in the dark and jump onto his hard chest. I can feel him clench up and release, now smiling. I lean into him and slide the covers over us both. I slide under them and lean onto his hard, but comfortable, abs. He strokes my hair gently and I giggle, unable to figure out why.

I slowly drift to sleep and manage to not dream, anything bad at least. I dream bits and pieces and they all feel too familiar.

"Clove, wake up" Cato says kind of urgently but not like an emergency. I open my eyes slowly and he's watching me carefully. I look at him confused and he smiles "You were shaking and I got worried" he says simply. I nod and curl back into his abs. He laughs and I feel it everywhere.

"You liked it down there?" he smirks awkwardly. I nod lightly and turn to face him. I struggle up to his level and kiss him lightly. He smiles though the kiss and I feel his hands run down my waist. I kiss him a little harder and we split slowly. I already miss his taste and his feel.

"What time is it?" I ask and I fake a loud yawn, popping my jaw a little. He laughs and checks over his shoulder, careful to not move me.

"It's 8:32" he says kissing my cheek on the way to turn to me. I smile and feel blush running up my face. I look down and see his bare chest under me, causing me to blush darker. I laugh lightly and feel a sudden urge to cry, I think with joy. Martiall is okay. I smile wildly back up to Cato and he looks at me confused.

"Sorry I just-" I stop t think "I'm really happy about Martiall" I say grinning some more for good measure. He nods and I feel his hands back on my waist, pulling me close. He smiles lightly and leans in for a kiss. I comply and we kiss long and firmly for a nice amount of time.

I run my hand down his chest and smirk. He eyes me seductively and we both laugh lightly. I sit up and roll off the side of the bed. I sneak off and wash quickly with a cloth and some lemon scented soap. I brush out my hair and wrap it into an impossibly tight bun. Cato knocks on the door and opens it slowly. He smiles and starts to turn the water on for a shower. He starts to strip, trying to be seductive, but it just ends up funny and step in once he's fully naked.

I step out and stroke Dagger before return to get dressed. I slip on a black tank top and some black pants. I wish I still had my knife, either the one from my grandma or the one from Enobaria. I have the ones from home, but those aren't as special. I wonder how Enobaria is doing? She was in the Capitol a while ago but I haven't talked to her since before my second Games. I sigh and lay on the bed patiently. Cato walks over to me slowly and I turn the tv on slowly. The Games appear and we sit together as the camera pans over the almost barren arena.

Martial is walking around with a knife covered in blood and his black pack swung over his shoulders. He looks calm and collected, not stressing or scares, I'm proud. I watch as he walks around confidently but carefully and stops by what looks like an abandoned camp. He rummages through some scorched bags and sits to eat some weird meat.

"He's doing well" Cato says quietly but a canon on the monitor cuts him off. I dart my eyes back and see Martiall laying on the ground, in an unnatural position. What happened? Someone hovers above him and I feel tears threaten to flow. My dad just killed my brother, that can't be.

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