Lost and Found - Chapter 1 - Amna-WHAT

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Chapter 1: - Amna-WHAT

I stared at the people in front of me.

 The white coat, the old faces full of wrinkles caused by who knows how many years of pent up tensions & the cold ear throbbing stethoscope hung loosely around their necks. The room was vividly white and surprisingly clean and the air smelled of anaesthetics and anti bacterial liquids.  

A doctor was not just a mere doctor. He was supposed to be a saviour. The one who could perform miracles. Doctors were seen as GOD for heaven’s sake. So why in the world was the doctor, correction, Doctors staring at me so rigidly as if they were going to break the news that I had terminal cancer and only had about 6 months to live.


Is that it? I’m dying. God, I prayed in my head. Why are you being so cruel? Please forgive me.  I haven’t even had a proper relationship yet. Don’t take me away from this world so soon. Think about my family at least?

“Ahem,” voiced out the doctor’s hoarse voice distracting my ongoing pleas to God.

I turned towards them. They were waiting for my attention and after they had got it the oldest of them all asked me, “Young lady, do you remember your name?”

I stared at them in confusion. Of course I knew my name. What a weird question.  Who wouldn’t know their own name?

“Yes. It’s Summer. Summer Hart,” I responded.

He seemed relieved for some strange reason.

“Good. Good. Now we’ll be asking you a few questions. Are you in a stable state to be able to answer them?”

“Uh, yeah...,” I replied uncertainly but that seemed to be good enough for him.

“Can you name your family member then Miss Hart?”

“Yes. My parents Eva and Jason Hart. And my older brother and sister Lucas and Fiona Hart”.

A look of relief shined on their faces. Looking at each other then at me they grinned. Well I guess I was alright then. Come to think of it why am I in the hospital anyway?  

“So Miss Hart,” the doctor went on. “How old are you?”

“I’m 15,” I responded quickly.

The doctors stared at each other worriedly.

“Are you sure,” the old doctor asked me.

 “Of course I’m sure,” I frowned. What was up with all the questions? And where was everyone. Last time I remembered Mum, Dad, Fi and Lucas were all with me. Their youngest daughter, and sister –ME is at the hospital and none of them are here at all. What great love.

The doctor must have sensed my annoyance of all the questions.

Sighing he said, “Then, finally can you tell me today’s date please?”

Oh my gosh! There’s no end to this stupid questions.

“It’s the4th of January, 2008 for god’s sake,” I yelled.

The doctors stared at me dumbfounded.

“Summer. It’s the 25th of February 2010,”the doctor informed me.

I stared at them as if they’d just revealed to me that they were in fact little Goblins and I was to be their queen.  This had to be a prank. Was it Lucas I wonder. No, he isn’t that smart. Who could it be then?  Blake. No, I haven’t done anything to him yet. So – this means I’m being punk’d aren’t I? That has to be it. No wonder my family aren’t here.

“Okay. Ha-ha! Very funny. Where are the cameras?”

“Miss Hart I don’t think you realize the situation,” the ancient doctor spoke with a stern face. “This is true my dear. It’s 2010, not 2008 like you believe so. You’re missing 2 years of your life. You have Amnesia my dear”.

They must have expected me to break down in hysteria or something because they all jumped up with surprise when I yelled –


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