Persistence is Key

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Hello again! It's been such a long time since I have updated!......No? I thought it had been a long time.....Oh well! Hope you love this one. I'm gonna make my own creepypastas now. Check out my book,"Insanity Killed Isolabella". It will soon be turned into a book full of creepypastas, I'm working on it.

  Misao silently stared. She didn't have any words to say. How would she reply without sounding ridiculous? Toby frowned under his mouthguard, honestly expecting her to reply much more rapidly then the slow pace she was at the moment. "Yes.......I do like you Toby. Although I am fairly sure you don't reciprocate these kind of feelings for me...."Misao finally murmured. Toby sighed and nodded."You're right. I don't like you that way. You're an amazing, kind, funny, beautiful girl but I don't want you to be my girlfriend! We are too good of friends for no. Misao I'm not rejecting you, just saying no."Toby replied firmly yet shakily. Misao nodded and walked out quickly, sniffling. Blood pooled under the kitchen door. She yelped and dashed down, slamming the door open. Jeff had Jane pinned against the wall, grinning sadistically. "I may not have done anything but I'm not gonna sit here idly as you prod me with that stupid butter knife in your hand." Jeff spat. Jane gasped. "Rude! Well this butter knife can cut your ugly ass in half!"She retorted bitterly.

The Slender Brothers' Reactions

  Puppeteer slammed into something tall and thick, like a damn tree. He shook his head, slightly disoriented. His glowing brilliant golden eyes shot open and he gazed up at a scowling Offender. He backed up, yelping as he reversed into Slender. He was somewhat boxed in since Trender stood on his left. Splendor was jumping around, waving fluffy pink pom-poms with a wide toothless smile."GOO SLENDY!"He yelled like a cheerleader. Slender was obviously pissed at the stupid stunt. Offender picked Puppeteer up."Let me go!"Puppeteer screeched. Then an idea popped into his head."RAPE! RAPE! RAAAPE!"He howled at the top of his lungs as he thrashed in Offender ' s hands. Offender yelped, immediately dropping Puppeteer while wiping his hands on Trender and Slender with a disgusted scowl."EWW! Never you!" He spat, seeming grossed out immensely. Puppeteer grinned and took this moment to flee. He used his glowing golden strings to kind of swing through the dead - like woods as if he were using vines. He zipped through with ease, looking back for the Slender Brothers.

  I'm dropping you guys off there. How will Puppeteer end this? He has to come out alive......he just has to .3.

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