Do you fear the future?

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"Y/N, my wife is having a baby." He says nervously to you as he paces around the room. Legolas is your best friend and you want to be there for him when he experiences one of the best moments in his life. Currently, his wife is in labour and Legolas is very nervous that he is becoming a father.
"Yes Legolas..." You say as you roll your eyes. Obviously this wasn't the first time Legolas has told you about his coming child. "Are you scared?"
Legolas just nods his head and looks down. He can't stop fidgeting while you hold his hand. You feel like Legolas is your little brother while you comfort him.
"Y/N," Legolas says quickly and you turn to face him and nod, "did you ever fear the future? You know, sometimes in battle... You might die. You might never return to your family. And you know? I just don't understand why the future has to haunt me." A tear trickles down from his sparkling blue eyes, but you stop it from falling onto his lap by wiping it away with your thumb. You can't help it but give Legolas a huge hug of assurance.
Even you didn't know that Legolas has a soft side. You have just known him as the happy-go-lucky jokester who always steals your Lembras bread during quests. But again, doesn't everyone have to cry once in a while?
"Legolas, look at me." You say, "don't fear the future. Whatever happens, happens! Just be happy that you get a chance to be in Middle Earth. Don't be scared, babe, just hope for the best. Okay, honestly, I have no clue what else to say. Quit making me cry too." And you and Legolas start laughing until your guts hurt. You always know how to cheer him up.
"Hey. Legolas," you say as you grab his face and make him look up at you, "your wife is having a baby! You should be happy. Not a baby. You know, you're lucky you found infinite love. Just wait. The future is your best friend."
"Thanks, babe." He says while still crying into your chest. "Hey, what about you? Have you got anyone in mind?" He says while wiggling his eyebrows. You can tell he's making an effort to try and talk to you.
"Nah. I've got you to love, isn't that enough? One best friend to love for the rest of my life... Eh... Maybe I'll find someone soon." You say. Then you guys start laughing.
"Ahem, my prince, your baby boy is born. Would you like to visit your family?"
"Yes," Legolas says shakily, "yes I would." You follow Legolas into the delivery room to see your godson, Malleden Greenleaf.
Oops, short chapter... Sorry I just wanted to feel what it was like to write my feelings. Lately I've been thinking about life and the future, just like this chapter. Anyway, please, I need feedback, because I really do suck at writing. Thanks.

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