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chapter 30

sofias pov

(this has a lot of spanish+italian in it and idk why i added a lot of it but enjoy ig😀)

here i am, trying on ballgowns. i think back to 3 weeks ago, i was still living with my mother, worrying about siennas live and not wanting to leave her alone with my mom. what would've happened if we never witnessed that person getting killed? would i have ever reunited with marco? would sienna be this happy in new york? am i doing whats best for her? am i putting her in danger by being here? is sienna going to have resentment towards me when she grows up because i didn't put her in normal school?

i get taken out of my thoughts when someone waves their arm infront of me. "hey sof, you good?" adri says and i turn to look at her.

"oh yeah sorry." i smile. 

"okay, sienna your going first." hannah says and sienna grins.

"OK!" sienna jumps around happily, resulting in all 6 adults to smile. yup all 6 adults, hannah forced the guys to come. she dragged them by the ear and threaten to kick them out of her house. honestly stan hannah.

"mommy!" she runs to were i am.

"yes honey?"

"lets go try on dresses." she said and drags me away from the comfy couch i was sitting on.

"alright, lets go." we got into a dressing room that has 4 dresses for her to try on.

"mami" sienna says looking at the dresses

"que?" (what) i respond looking at her.

"i like this one the most." she said while pointing at a pink dress. 

"ok well here lets try it on

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"ok well here lets try it on." i say and help her put on the gown. i tightened the lace in the back and she looks in the mirror smiling.

"as i should." she remarks looking at herself in the mirror. 

"you look gorgeous, cara." i smile at her and fix her ponytail that was deflating.

i start tearing up, she growing so damn fast. i quickly wipe my tear that came out of my left eye.

"ok come on, lets go show them." i say while opening the curtain. the 5 adults are all on their phones, probably because it took a while to get her in the dress.

sienna clears her throat and everyone turns her attention to her.

"oh my god. it looks amazing! turn please!" hannah says standing up from the couch. sienna turns slowly letting everyone see the back part of her dress.

"aw my little baby is growing up." adri pouts causing sienna to giggle.

"wow enna you look terrific!" leo says and sienna smiles.

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