2. I Need U

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As the bright lights shone down on the members of BTS, they tried to focus as they said their goodbyes to the ARMY's in the audience. This part of their concerts was always a time of heartfelt reflection, but all the members of BTS had the same thought running through their minds: We haven't found them yet.

They only had a few concerts left of the American leg of their World Tour. After that, they would be travelling across Europe, before finishing in Japan. As such, they were about halfway through, and morale was starting to wane. In the beginning, the boys were pumped for every meet and greet after each of their concerts, but now they were starting to doubt their plan.

Backstage Taehyung was resting on a sofa while he waited for the others to be ready to leave. They had just had another unsuccessful round of meet and greets. The singer tried to stay positive. They hadn't met their fans one-on-one like this since they were rookies.

With a sigh, he started twisting the rings on his fingers. Glancing at the tattoo-like mark on his left ring finger, he ran his thumb over it. For the concert, it had been covered with heavy makeup to hide its existence. Not being able to see the soul-mark had sent a pain through his chest every time he looked at his hand.

The mark was in the shape of the number one. It was the only evidence they had that the group had another soulmate out there somewhere. Taehyung's eyes watered as he thought about their last soulmate. This plan had been his idea, and if it didn't work then it would be all his fault.

BTS were luckier than most. They hadn't needed to search for each other. Instead, they had found all but one of their soulmates by chance. Yet, at that moment, they didn't feel so lucky. Taehyung remembered the story of how they all got their marks.

Namjoon and Yoongi were the first members to meet back when they were trainees. The rappers had instantly bonded over their love of music. Therefore, it took them a little while to realise what the strong feelings they felt around each other meant.

Namjoon often worried that he wasn't the right person to be the leader of the group, but Yoongi made him feel stronger. When the older rapper was around, he felt like there was a silent, but reassuring presence beside him telling him that he could do this.

Yoongi felt companionship with his future group leader. Finally, he had found someone who understood and shared his passion for music. This meant a lot to him as his parents hadn't been supportive of his career choice.

At first, they thought they were bonding as members, until one day the feelings were so strong that they realised it might be more than that. The pair, ever practical and logical, agreed to test their theory and kissed. It was still a shock when their soul-marks appeared, the number '6'. A number was unusual for a soulmate ring, but they didn't think any more of it, both distracted by the fact that they had found their soulmate.

Now they knew what it felt like to meet their soulmate, the newly bonded soulmates were confused when Hoseok joined them as a trainee. They couldn't understand why they felt this way around Hoseok when they already had each other. The dancer made Namjoon feel reassured like he had someone who he could rely on, or even take his place if need be. To Yoongi, Hoseok was like the light at the end of a very dark tunnel. He gave the rapper hope that everything would be okay.

Hoseok was confused as well. Not because he didn't know what the feelings he was having meant, but because he had them for both rappers. Yoongi made him feel calm, which counteracted his usual hyper personality. Meanwhile, with Namjoon he felt inspired, and he knew he would learn a lot from the leader.

Being a man of action, he decided to test this theory and kiss the two boys. Taking Yoongi's face in his hands, the dancer gave him a peck on the lips before letting him go and turning to Namjoon. Hoseok put his hands on the tall rapper's shoulders and gave him a kiss too. Despite the shock, all the three boys were smiling afterwards as the number '5' appeared on all their fingers.

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